Voter Registration at Pace High School for Pace HS Students!! AND CPA 2016 Voter Registration Drive

Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) is going to be participating in Student Voter registration day.

If you turn 18 by December 31, 2016, you can vote in any of the 2016 elections.

Friday March 18 from 9:15-11:30am. 

They will be registering students (18 year old 12th graders) at Pace High School (not for the general public!). Students will gather in the library. There will be a short program, a talk and then voter registration right there.  

Once you’ve registered to vote, there is the link to go to check that you’re in the voter rolls :  

CPA will need a few volunteers who are free that morning to help register the students.  The students will be given the forms to fill out themselves. CPA will collect them, but they will need people to help collect and do a quick check of the form.

If any coalition members are free that morning to help please contact the Chinese Progressive Association: or 212-274-1891

For those interested in volunteering, there will be a training: Thurs. Mar 10 at 10am or 2:30 pm.  The trainings are being held at the  NYC campaign finance board.

 CPA has launched an exciting 2016 campaign!
“2016 will be an exciting year.  We will vote for President, and our representatives in Congress and the State Assembly.  Join us to get our voice and vote heard! 

  • Register new voters
  • Get the word out about community involvement in local forums.
  • Chinese language skills are welcome but not necessary.
  • Training provided. You will learn about voting and community empowerment, how to have a conversation to help more people participate and vote!
  • Work in a team and have fun.
  • Community service credits provided.

Contact us at or 212-274-1891 to volunteer.”

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Petition to demand accountability for the murder of Indigenous Environmental Activist Berta Caceres

“We are not to simply bandage the wounds of victims beneath the wheels of injustice, we are to drive a spoke into the wheel itself.” -Dietrich Bonhoeffer (1906-1945), German Lutheran pastor, theologian, dissident anti-Nazi


The Goldman Environmental Prize is given to grassroots environmental activists from each of six world regions. The 2015 year winner included Honduran indigenous rights leader Berta Caceres and her organization. They were fighting not just governments, but some of the world’s most powerful corporations to protect their land and livelihood. They faced death death threats and repression.

Wednesday, Berta Caceres was shot and killed in her home in La Esperanza, Intibuca. While the killers’ ID remains unknown, activists, media observers and the Cáceres family pointed to the increasingly reactionary and violent Honduran government, which has frequently clashed with Cáceres over her high-profile activism against land dispossession and mining, and her defense of indigenous rights.

“…the struggles around the world — whether we call it environmental activism, or struggles around indigenous rights to their commons (and rights-to-their means-of-livelihood)– are the target. These are also as much struggles against various violations of women’s ESC rights. Women, whether in the leadership of these struggles, or participants, are physically harmed/ sexually abused.”- Shiney Varghese

There is a petition to end the US military aid to Honduras and stop the murder of environmental activists that reads:

“Secretary Kerry:

I have recently learned of the murder of Berta Cáceres, co-founder of the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras, and winner of the 2015 Goldman Environmental Prize.

Her tragic death is emblematic of the grave human rights situation in Honduras today. Although we do not know who her assailants were, we believe her murder is the latest in a growing trend of state suppression against social movement leaders like Berta.

We urge the State Department to promote a truly independent investigation into the killing of Berta and the many other environmental and land defenders in Honduras, and begin subjecting Honduras to vetting process under the Leahy law, and to enforce the law by immediately stopping military aid to the country.


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FREE 8- week, theme based art experience for families

From the Houston Street Center an Art experience for families called PACT (Parents and Children Together with Art)! 

5-13 years old children (and their parents)


8 Weeks 

Every Friday starting March 18th

Enrollment deadline THIS FRIDAY, March 11th

Chinese translation in each course. 

Parents! This is an 8 week commitment -come consistently.

For more information: University Settlement’s Houston Street Center

Flyers are below in English, Spanish & Chinese. 

2016 PACT flyer _Spa image003 2016 PACT flyer _Chi

Each session begins with exposure to a professional work of art that serves as an inspiration image, followed by an art-making experience, and concludes with a sharing circle. PACT activities are designed to increase parental involvement and graduate in complexity to encourage positive forms of family communication and sustained teamwork. With a 1:2 or 1:3 volunteer to family ratio, Professional Facilitators lead trained Volunteer Coaches to implement a creative arts curriculum that requires families to develop ideas and work collaboratively. .

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“After City Lifts Deed Restriction, Rivington House Building Sold For $116 Million to Luxury Developers”

Lousy news for this neighborhood.

Rivington House sold for $116 million dollars. The city “lifted the deed restrictions without any guarantees that the property would remain a community asset”.

At the same time that Cuomo and de Blasio are frantic to find housing for people with HIV AIDs this building, a former AIDs hospice, was let go for $16 million to the Allure Group (who just flipped a nursing home for condos in Bed Sty).

To read more detail: Lo-Down.

Thanks to the Lo-Down for their thorough reporting.


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Two -way bike lane on Chrystie Street proposal: CB3 Transportation Committee Meeting

Transportation Alternatives Manhattan activists would like to remind the neighborhood about their Chrystie Street bike campaign.

For those members who are able make this meeting please do attend and lend your expertise.

On March 8th, the Community Board 3 Transportation Committee will see a redesign proposal from DOT (supported by Transportation Alternatives) for a two-way protected bicycle lane alongside Sara D. Roosevelt Park.

The Coalition was also promised by DOT that an accessible, local, daytime meeting (with translation?) for the affected neighborhood to weigh in would be held! We will keep you posted.

Manhattan Community Board 3 Transportation Committee Meeting

When: Tuesday, March 8th at 6:30pm

Where: Grand Street Settlement Cornerstone, Seward Park Extension, 56 Essex St. (between Grand St. and Broome St.)

Transportation Alternative plans to call 600 constituents in the district, and recently distributed 200 bilingual flyers to advertise the event. If you would like more information about the campaign, please visit our website here:

From the Transportation Alternatives website:

“Chrystie Street is one of the Lower East Side’s busiest and most traveled streets. On one side, Chrystie St. is framed by mixed-use commercial and residential space. On the other side lies the historic Sara D. Roosevelt Park, the Lower East Side’s largest green space, which serves people of all ages with space for play and events, a senior center, and seasonal vendors’ markets. A two-way protected bicycle lane can improve the streetscape alongside the park, increase flow for bicycling and improve parkside access.

People walking or biking on Chrystie Street deserve safer access at critical intersections that are the nexus with adjoining neighborhoods. Its intersections with major thoroughfares should take priority for traffic-calming measures.


We call on the Community Board 3 and Department of Transportation to implement the following improvements on Chrystie Street:

  • Safer and improved sidewalks and crosswalks, and the addition of pedestrian refuge islands
  • Traffic calming measures at the base of the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges
  • A two-way, protected bicycle lane along the edge of Sara D. Roosevelt Park, and access to bicycle parking
  • Separated turning lanes and signal-phased traffic lights to facilitate direction to motorists and reduce traffic crashes by up to 58%”
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Noise survey from The New York State Comptroller’s Office

Dear New Yorkers:

The New York State Comptroller’s Office is conducting a survey on noise in New York City neighborhoods and would like you to take the survey.

You can access the survey through your Community Board. Your Community Board will email the survey weekly so make sure that you are on your Community Board’s email distribution list.

Community Boards may also choose to post  the survey links on their websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and other social media.

Research has demonstrated that noise can adversely impact public health. For example, noise can disturb sleep and increase stress levels.
We want to learn about your experience of noise in your community and solicit your ideas for reducing noise.

Toward that end, we are asking all community residents take the survey by March 15, 2016.

Thank you!

State Government Accountability
New York State Comptroller’s Office

Survey Links:




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The Rivington House Give Away

Happy New Year Everyone

Sometimes things matter enough to take action on even in the midst of our overwhelming lives.

Tonight, Thursday January 7th at 6:30 Community Board 3 Committee will take up the issue of the sale of Rivington House which has been left exposed to becoming market rate housing.

Please come to the meeting below, call 311 or email 311 ( Office of the Mayor) and email the mayor’s liaison: Tommy Lin (

Thank you to everyone who has already written or called.

Health, Seniors, & Human Services 

Thursday, January 7th at 6:30pm — Chinatown YMCA Cornerstone at Rutgers – 200 Madison Street (btwn Rutgers & Pike Sts)

Item will be third:

3.  Position on future of Rivington House nursing facility—replacement of beds and future of facility

This has been a building that served its low-income neighborhood from its inception. As a public school, then AIDs hospice and finally as a non-profit, low-income nursing home.

The mayor’s administration has seen fit to remove the protection of a carefully crafted deed restriction (which required it to stay a non-profit health care facility in perpetuity). Leaving it utterly vulnerable to market rate conversion. 

They removed the restriction in an obscure and opaque procedure this June – knowing this neighborhood and our electeds  had rallied successfully to save the building, just months before, as a low-income community facility. We did this despite our scarce and stretched resources, time and energy.

It is an insult to ask us to listen to the rhetoric of a “Tale of Two Cities”, to be asked to trust an “affordable housing” plan when this valuable resource was sold cheaply and silently to a corporation with a for-profit agenda. Sold away from a community that sorely needs it for any kind of low-income housing.

Either this is incompetence or egregious contempt for the “unimportant people” whose lives have been or will be greatly impacted, disrupted or destroyed.

We have lost three nursing homes in our Community Board to market rate conversions. Forcing elders to leave their neighborhoods (when they can no longer live at home) breaks relationships, leaves our elders without the care of their families and friends, it dismantles the communities we built out of love and caring  – the only real security anyone ever really has –  and leaves our most vulnerable citizens as refuse in the wake of stupid and short-sighted profiteers.

It sends a clear message: No elders, no disabled, no one in need of help will be allowed to live in our brave new (and very hip) world. 

To follow the saga of Rivington House please see the excellent coverage in the Lo-Down.

And most recent news:

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“Homage” or Marketing opportunity?

“Adam Purple was an opinionated, sometimes cantankerous, freethinker who lived as a squatter on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, avoided commerce and considered real estate development to be a scourge….

…By nearly any measure, Mr. Purple — a dedicated ascetic who lived in an abandoned tenement, got water from a hydrant, read by candlelight and kept warm with a wood-burning stove — is an odd symbol for a 24-story hotel with “spalike bathrooms” and a terrace swimming pool.

…“The gentrification, the consumerism, it’s the opposite of everything he stood for,” said the photographer Harvey Wang, who began documenting Mr. Purple…in 1977. “It’s just appalling.”

…Patty Astor who ran the Fun Gallery in the 80’s “…said it … hurt to see a new symbol of affluence on the Lower East Side linked in any way to the neighborhood’s grittier past.

[she]…is among those depicted in that work, and she has objected to the use of her image and Mr. Purple’s to ‘validate and advertise‘ the hotel…..”

They are trying to say that this new, manufactured reality is O.K.,” she said. “I’m saying not in my name.”

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