“A Hotter Future Is Certain, Climate Panel Warns. But How Hot Is Up to Us”

NYTimes “Some devastating impacts of global warming are now unavoidable, a major new scientific report finds. But there is still a short window to stop things from getting even worse.”

Nations have delayed curbing their fossil-fuel emissions for so long that they can no longer stop global warming from intensifying over the next 30 years,

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Ladybugs Released!!!


Thanks to Alison, Jennifer, Bud, Colleen, Irit, Rainer, Sam, Diego, Sgt Kakit Yip, PO Urena, “man of steele” and Explorers, Paul, Christina, Chris and – and everyone i’m forgetting!!

Beautiful day!


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Justen Ladda and the Allen/Pike Street Mall

His work continues to beautify this neighborhood.


Ladybug Release!!! This Saturday, July 31st from 12:30-3pm

They ARE cute!!


NYC Parks Announces Jobs Working with Parks Security Service

Pam Ito Citation for

“Outstanding Leadership and Volunteerism”

Long Time M’Finda Kalunga Gardener and Director of Education for “The Hort” received this well deserved honor for her tremendous work in the community from Council Member Chin.

Her work partnering with Emma Lazarus High School to care for the local environment with park clean ups and plantings, her solution- oriented

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Audubon Volunteers, Con Ed and Local Volunteers Clean Up Plots in Front of the BRC

With a very large thank you to AudubonNY’s Richard, Lily, Yamina and Audubon Volunteers, Rob Watson and Volunteers, Con Ed’s Ulysses Ifill and volunteers and Sara Roosevelt Park Community Coalition and volunteers!!

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JUNETEENTH in M'Finda Kalunga Community Garden

Celebrated here since 2004

Come Visit!


Organized by Debra Jeffrey Glass (for years)

Readings by Eddie Glass and Debra Jeffrey Glass

Installation honoring the Black and Indigenous histories of the Lower East Side by Dennis RedMoon Darkeem

Sky Manna Band

Performances by Bobby Bryan

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From FABnyc and Buscada: Sustaining the Arts through Networks & Peer Learning

From FABnyc & Buscada June 2021

Peer Learning Spaces Download the report PDF

“When FABnyc and Buscada began this project in mid-2019, we were interested in how learning spaces and peer networks help arts practitioners sustain themselves through challenging times…”

“The project’s conversations with community arts practitioners in New York City showed us that we

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Peers Speak Out: Priority Outcomes for Substance Use Treatment and Services

From Community Catalyst

Peers Speak Out: Priority Outcomes for Substance Use Treatment and Services


In this first national examination of treatment and recovery services outcomes prioritized by people with substance use disorders, nearly 900 people from across the country shared what matters most to them:

Staying alive Improving quality of life Reducing harmful substance

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