Racism and Classism ‘not the inevitable reality of living in a changing city’?

Jeremiah Moss’, pseudonym of Griffin Hansbury, necessary read:

Vanishing New York: How a Great City Lost Its Soul

From   The Daily Beast:

“Moss has provided us with a comprehensive history of the city’s zoning laws, demonstrating how they carefully (and at times, not carefully at all)

mask their racism with claims of wanting to make the city “more livable.”

More livable for whom, Moss asks again and again. The answer is always the white and the wealthy. It is here that Moss flourishes.

Using the numbers, he successfully argues his most persistent, and strangely hopeful, claim:

…the disappearance of the New York we love, or say we love, whose fabric has long been weaved from the mom-and-pop shops and artistic havens that once bloomed here, is not the inevitable reality of living in a changing city.

It is intentional.”


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