Community Stewardship, Caring for Parks

Parks needs volunteers like never before. And they need a budget to ensure a steady effort to keep parks, clean, functional, bird and plant habitats and safe – integrating model climate mitigation efforts, recreation, play, quiet contemplation, walks, sports, gardening, community gathering, bird watching, habitat restoration, and more.

“Even as pandemic-induced restrictions have lifted, neighborhood

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Invitation from the WildLife Unit of NYC Parks to Join 2021 Raptor Nest Monitoring

From the Wildlife Unit of NYC Parks:

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Thank you to the Fox - Tsang Family for Snow and Ice Removal!

Thank you Joseph and Davis Fox for removing ice and snow on the paths in the M’Finda Garden!

And for moving donated supplies to weather proof areas.

And thank you to the Boy Scouts and Scoutmaster Troop 150 for advocating for young people to help out.

It will make getting to through the garden for

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Testimony to City Council Oversight Hearing with NYC Dept of Sanitation and NYC Dept of Parks



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AudubonNY Working in Audubon Plot Today

Richard Santangelo, Yamina, Freeman, and Lily worked hard cleaning up and were able to plant seeds! Looking forward to this Bird Garden in the spring!


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FABnyc and GOLES: LES Young Artist of Color Fellowship Application – due Saturday Jan 9th

FABnyc and GOLES are launching a new fellowship program for young artists of color, ages 18-25, who are residents of the Lower East Side. As the Lower East Side continues to fight displacement, marginalization, and racial inequities, our organizations recognize that sustaining a sense of community requires efforts beyond successfully preventing evictions.

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Pratt Institutes Interior Design Students Offer Up Ideas to Spur Our Thinking for the Stanton ParkHouse’s Return to the Community

Envisioning the Stanton Building’s Return to the Community

Monday, December 7th


Please join us for an online presentation by students in the Interior Design program at Pratt Institute who have been applying their skills and infusing fresh thinking into a community vision for the Stanton Building in SDR

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Masks Really Work

From the NYTimes:

Masks Work. Really. We’ll Show You How

“The public health debate on masks is settled. When you wear a mask, You protect yourself, you protect others, you prevent yourself from touching your face. And you signal that wearing a mask is the right thing to do.”

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Please VOTE

Council Member Chin on Conditions at 174-184 Forsyth Street (across from SDR Park)

Council Member Chin “This morning we stood in solidarity with tenants of 174-184 Forsyth Street to demand the landlord address the building’s disrepair. For months, correspondence from my office to management has gone unanswered, while living conditions worsen.

The chronic lack of responsiveness forces us to escalate enforcement and explore intervention in property ownership and

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