Apex for Youth Yoga, Chicken and Turtle View in M’Finda Kalunga Garden

Apex for Youth

“As a team, we provide both individual and group counseling that focuses on fostering safety, trust, and community. We also partner with various stakeholders—including families, schools, staff, and volunteers—as a part of our work to provide social-emotional support for our youth. Through the relationships we build, our goal is to uplift and empower youth to identify, connect, and engage with their own unique strengths, resources, and creative skills.”

A lovely visit to M’Finda Garden for a  Yoga class taught be bKind‘s Lisa and Ray.

And a tour of the Chickens and Turtles!

We ended up not being able to use the playground due to a dog owner’s refusal to leave the playground (off-limits to adults without children) nor even leash her dog. Wow.

But we improvised with the young people and made it a great day!

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