Kitchen Table Conversations this July 30th Saturday 1-4pm in SDR Park near Rivington Street

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Third Workshop: Land! Money! Power!

We of the Stanton Building Task Force are grateful for the community response and look forward to working even more effectively in concert with all of Community Board 3’s Park and Green Space activists, leaders (that’s YOU!) and stewards.


We thank *NYCommons, all of our interpreters last night, (Jina Porter, Francisco Miranda, Tony Zheng, and Lai Chung) the BRC Center, Dee Myers, Bob Humber, our interns Chyna Krouse, Tony Deyao Zheng, Michael Pimentel, and Eddie Glass.

We also thank Christine Datz-Romero of the Lower East Side Ecology Center,  Susan Stetzer District Manager of CB3, Leah Worrel of Partnerships for Parks, and Emily Walker from NYers for Parks for generously sharing their hard-won, hands-on, decades-in-the-making knowledge.

We thankBorough President Gale Brewer and Assembly Member Alice Cancel for sending their representatives. We thank the facilitators whose mission was to ensure that everyone’s voice was heard. Tremendous expertise and experience was shared by our communities with one another!

And thank you to the DOE Fund and Danny for providing the delicious food!


The Steering Committee of the Stanton Building Task Force (Green Map System, University Settlement House and the Sara Roosevelt Park Community Coalition) again wish to thank our partner’s *NYCommons (Common Cause/NY, 596 Acres and Urban Justice Center) for all their support and assistance.

M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden



The Villager: Push to restore Stanton storehouse to community

The Villager by Michael Ossorguine 

July 21, 2016


“The park building at Stanton St. in Sara D. Roosevelt Park was promised as a public resource in 1998, but it is currently being used for Parks Department storage and parking. The Stanton Building Task Force and NYCommons project is campaigning to restore the building to community use, which could also include acting as a safe haven in “times of disruption,” such as Hurricane Sandy….

…..Ray, a member of the S.D.R. Park Coalition, remembers playing ping pong when the Stanton building was a rec center decades ago. But in the 1980s, the Parks Department took the structure over for its own uses.”

Parks Good News

Good news! Big Belly Solar Compactor Garbage Can installed in front of 30 Delancey BRC


New Zealand just crowdfunded a new national park!


New Zealanders raised $1.7 million during a crowdfunding campaign this year—including $254,000 from the country’s government—to save a beach from a potentially unfriendly buyer and turn it into a national park, in the feel good property buying story of…honestly, probably the past century.

Businessman Michael Spackman purchased Awaroa beach in 2008 for $1.4 million, and while he was cool and let the public use it, once he put it on the market people worried that the next buyer would not be. Their fears were proven true when another businessman named Gareth Morgan tried to buy private use of the beach from the very crowdfunding campaign that had been set up to prevent that exact thing from happening. The campaign rejected his sizable “donation” and was able to raise enough to buy the beach from Spackman anyway.

Meanwhile, in the United States, there is talk of ending federal protection of public parkland!!!

Third and final series workshop advocating for all CB3 (any?) Parks

Welcome to our third and final workshop in a series on public park buildings (the focus was on Stanton Street for the first two)!

“On July 27, the Stanton Building Task Force will host a workshop for LES park-goers and residents to learn how to advocate for our parks while staying responsive and rooted in our local communities – in the midst of rapid neighborhood change. Topics will include getting access to underutilized buildings, influencing public funding, working with the Parks Department, elected officials and the community board, forging coalitions and learning from one another to build power. 

The Land! Money! Power! workshop will take place at the BRC at Sara D Roosevelt Park, 30 Delancey St (between Forsyth and Chrystie) on Wednesday July 27 from 6:30-9pm. Food and Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese and ASL interpretation will be provided. 

The Workshop is part of the NYCommons project, a collaboration between 596 Acres, the Community Development Project at Urban Justice Center and Common Cause/NY developing tools to guide New Yorkers protecting and expanding the City’s public places.”

We especially thank Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and her representative and Council Member Margaret Chin’s and Alice Cancel’s representatives for taking part two weeks ago!

Stanton Building Flyer 2 7-27-16

Our coastal community needs places to anchor our communities, organize for better parks, generate relationships and build resiliency in rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods.

We need tools and real information to remain or become ‘defenders of the commons’ for our parks and greenspaces. Our public buildings, especially those located outside flood zones, could function as refuges in times of disruption. Our parks are in the heart of communities that are being priced out of financially viable democratic spaces.

…stop by if you get a chance….!

Stanton Building Task Force

To RSVP, contact

Follow us on Twitter at #StantonBldg.


News on Rivington House (5 more sites)

From Neighbors to Save Rivington House (Petition and Facebook Page):

June/July press on: The DOI report, The Mayor’s proposed safeguards to deed restriction liftings, $16 million offer for LES, CM Chin and MBP Brewer Press Release re: deed restriction safeguards going forward, and Neighbors to Save Rivington House Petition.

Ed Litvak and the Lo-Down win on number of articles. Start here for an accurate accounting of this issue.

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Press (in no particular order): There are many many more prior to this recent batch.

and a little history…

Gardens Rising meeting Saturday July 23 from 4-6pm

Gardens Rising

Green Oasis, East 8th Street (Aves C&D)

Rain Location: 428 East 10th Street (Aves C&D)


“We will break into small workgroups to address the specific needs of your garden and possible solutions. The community workshop series helps to inform the Gardens Rising stakeholders about green infrastructure. By defining terms, dreams and concepts we can arrive at understanding and consensus. Saturday’s activities will prepare your garden to host the Design Team during their next site visit.

Gardens Rising continues to move very quickly, and we appreciate your cooperation! Please invite anyone interested in the Gardens Rising Project.”

Gardens Rising is a community-based environmental project to reduce stormwater flooding on the Lower East Side by building green infrastructure in our community gardens.

LUNGS request for submissions and Meeting this Sunday 10am July 24th

LUNGS call for submissions for the LUNGS Art Contest for artwork to be used for for the promotion of this year’s Fifth Annual Harvest Arts Festival.

A single piece of artwork to use on the Poster, Program cover, and Postcard… Due August 1. (more details below)

The winner will receive a $300 honorarium, LUNGS CSA tote bags and a LUNGS handmade designer tie-died tee shirt.

Send submissions

Sunday at 10 am LUNGS meeting in Campos Garden to discuss the Fifth Annual LUNGS Harvest Festival. If you would like to take part in this year’s festival, or have ideas or suggestions you are warmly invited.



Final artwork preferred, but sketch ideas are okay if final artwork can be completed by August 15. Artwork can be illustrative or photographic. Art can feature urban gardening, harvest season, and/or cultural arts themes, and should represent the spirit of the Community Gardens of the Lower East Side.

• Size at 11×17 vertical (and will be reduced to fit Program and Postcard)

• Must include room for type OR include typography for the following:

  • LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival 2016 (should appear prominently near the top)

  • 5th Annual

  • Loisaida United Neighborhood Gardens

  • Free

  • September 24 & 25

  • 38 community gardens

  • LUNGS logo (small square at a lower corner)

• Artwork may be modified to include necessary typographical elements as determined by the LUNGS Promotion committee.

• Artist will receive credit for artwork on the Program cover, Poster, and Postcard.

• Artist is the sole creator of the artwork submitted and Artist provides permission to use the artwork for all promotion of the 2016 LUNGS Harvest Arts Festival, as well as a limited number of high-quality printed Posters for sale to benefit LUNGS.