Bat Watchers From Staten Island

From the NYTimes:

“….bats are … essential to ecosystems. As pollinators and agricultural pest-eaters, they’re valued at $3 billion a year for U.S. farmers. In New York City, where nine species of bats are known to migrate during the summer, a single little brown bat is capable of devouring up to 100 percent of its body weight in insects, a diet that includes mosquitoes…

Cropped -CreditMichelle V. Agins/The New York Times

….an abundance of Eastern red, big brown and silver-haired bats ….

Bat research is beginning to mobilize beyond Staten Island. At New York City Audubon, the ecologist Kaitlyn Parkins uses full-spectrum acoustic recorders to survey bat activity on green roofs across the city, including the one at Manhattan’s Javits Center, one of the largest green roofs in the country. “We definitely find more bat foraging activity on these roofs versus traditional ones,” she says. “The plants seem to provide habitat for the right kind of arthropods.”

….a small but important addition to a body of bat knowledge that is growing only now, as the fatal white nose syndrome threatens bat populations across North America. With nearly seven million bats dead since the disease emerged from a cave in upstate New York 2005, the scale of mortality is unprecedented among wildlife disease outbreaks, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service….Little brown bats have been particularly devastated. Once one of the most common bat species in the U.S., they have virtually vanished from New York and other eastern states.

Under Mayor de Blasio City Vehicles Rack Up Miles

Wondered why we seem to be adding to the number of Parks Department cars ‘alienating’ parkland in Sara Roosevelt Park! – our second most frequent complaint.

We love your team but the rest of us use public transportation – all hours of the day or night!


From the NYTimes:

New York City’s sprawling municipal work force is driving more than it used to, city statistics reveal   …25% more miles than in 2014…


There was an uptick in accidents involving city-owned cars driven by City workers “and Parks Department fared no better”.


on the bright side:

…de Blasio has…unveiled new electric vehicle charging stations that will eventually arrive in each of the five boroughs to encourage New Yorkers to buy zero-emission vehicles.

….the city has doubled the number of electric vehicles in its fleet to 1,500, and nearly 1 in 5 of city vehicles are hybrids, according to statistics provided by City Hall.



Paul Steely White – executive director of Transportation Alternatives and an ally of Mr. de Blasio:

“Very clearly the more cars and trucks we have on our streets, the worse he’s going to do on achieving those goals,” said o …. “The mayor’s blind spot for the myriad externalities of unchecked driving threatens to undo his good work.”…


Even so, city vehicles consumed 29.6 million gallons of gasoline in the last fiscal year…”

Charles Komanoff – energy-policy analyst and environmental activist: “There are 3 paths for reducing crashes: design safer streets, stop/prevent dangerous driving and reduce the number of vehicles…the mayor has made improvements on the first, done little on the second and “is stuck in reverse on No. 3″.


Landmarks Preservation Commission Send Parks Back to Drawing Board

From Brooklyn Paper: “Protecting the Fort: Landmarks commission says Ft. Greene Park plans alter creator’s vision..”

The Department of Parks and Recreations’s plans to makeover an entrance to Fort Greene Park do not reflect the vision of the green space’s creators and honchos must go back to the drawing board, the Landmarks Preservation Commission ruled at a Thursday hearing.

“It seems to be sort of against every one of the historic moments in the design of the park,” said commissioner Adi Shamir-Baron.

history buffs contended that planner Frederick Law Olmsted would prefer the grassy knolls over a paved walkway because park-goers can hang out on them.”

Our own Chinatown/LES advocate and now Commissioner on Landmarks Preservation Commission – Wellington Chen weighed in:

“[The hills] seem to be a very large gathering place, versus more of a passageway,” said commissioner Wellington Chen. “If you’re saying I can perform many programs on a passageway, that’s true. However, that’s not what Olmsted intended, which is a public gathering place.”

and this…

“We’ve seen many examples of critical and beautiful historic parks where the entrance is not the apex of a parallelogram and they’ve worked successful­y,” said commissioner Meenaksh Srinivasan.

To be continued…


Call To Action: Stop the Fence at Tule Lake

From the Tule Lake Committee:

“… ACT to help save the historic Tule Lake concentration camp and segregation center site from destruction”

“The Tule Lake concentration camp is located in Modoc County in Northern California, and is recognized as the infamous segregation center where Japanese Americans who protested the mass incarceration were punished for speaking out.”

…The Federal Aviation Administration is proposing construction of an eight-foot-high, three-mile-long fence around the perimeter of the airport…

“In July 2014, the Tule Lake Committee sought legally mandated environmental review of the entire airport area, which occupies two-thirds of the former Tule Lake site. However, instead of conducting careful examination of the entire area WITHIN the fence project, including subsurface review, the county and the FAA have argued their environmental responsibility is confined to surveying only a narrow strip of land where the three-mile-long fence would directly lie.”

Modoc County has requested comments on the Tulelake Airport.

The deadline for comments by Oct. 10, 2017 at 5 p.m.

Public Notices:


Mitch Crosby, Modoc County Road Commissioner

Write to:

202 West 4th St., Alturas, CA 96101


email to


Email Subject Heading must be: “Tulelake Airport Perimeter Fence Project”

include your name and physical address

Learn more here.

Marionettes in Little Italy – Again.

NYTimes on wonderful tradition comes back to Little Italy:

Photo: Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

“The Marionettes are back on Mulberry Street,” yelled Tony De Nonno, 70, an aficionado of a specific style of Sicilian puppet theater of which the hand-carved knight was an example.

Nearly a century ago, homesick Italian immigrants flocked to small theaters in Little Italy for operatic renditions of medieval tales by such puppets.

“Back then, every Italian neighborhood had marionettes and a theater,” said Susie Bruno, 78, whose family, the Manteos, were the longest lasting of New York City’s puppet troupes.”

“…Mr. De Nonno, a filmmaker, educator and friend of the Manteo family, gathered a few Manteo puppets donated to the Italian American Museum in Little Italy and prepared to stage a lively presentation on Wednesday night right after Mass in the Shrine church.”

Orlando Furioso

From the Smithsonian “…Orlando Furioso is based on the eighth-century tale of Roland, a Frankish knight who served as a commander on the Breton border of Charlemagne’s great empire. In 778 A.D., as Charlemagne’s army returned from fighting the Saracens in Spain, the rear guard was cut off by hostile Basques at a pass in the Pyrenees and Roland was killed. A French legend was born and the epic tale “”The Song of Roland” is thought to have first appeared sometime in the 11th or 12th Centuries. Embellished over the years, the story of Roland moved into Italy during the Renaissance and Roland became Orlando Furioso. A story of medieval chivalry , Orlando Furioso became a stock character in marionette theaters throughout Europe and by the sixteenth century he was most popular in Sicily.”

Originally from Sicily, Manteo’s father, Agrippino, son of a puppeteer, emigrated with his family to the United States in 1919 established a the Manteo Family Sicilian Marionette Theatre on the lower east side in Little Italy. It was a family business and everyone played a role in the puppet productions. …Miguel generally played the part of Orlando. …

In 1928, Manteo moved his theater to a larger space on Mulberry Street where the entire family spent their days in an attic workroom repairing the marionettes, mending torn costumes and polishing armor. …Originally, the dialogue was in a Sicilian dialect, but was translated into Italian and English. … Miguel, who considered the puppets “works of art” ,donated this puppet in 1980 and was awarded the National Heritage Award in 1986 for his contribution to American culture.”

Read more it’s a great history.

POSTPONED!! John V. Lindsay East River Park & Sol Lain Playground


NYC Parks and Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver, FAICP cordially invite you to help celebrate

  • The reimagined Sol Lain Playground, renovated through the Community Parks Initiative
  • groundbreaking ceremony for the renovation of the soccer field and track at John V. Lindsay East River Park 

Monday, September 25th, 2017 at 1pm and 3pm on the Lower East Side CB3

Details of Two Events:

 1:00 p.m.  Sol Lain Playground Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

East Broadway & Henry Street -east of Samuel Dickstein Plaza


3:00 p.m.  John V. Lindsay East River Park – soccer field and track – Groundbreaking Ceremony

Enter the park via the pedestrian bridge – over the FDR Drive at East 6th Street


Learn Gardening!

In conjunction with LUNGS Harvest Festival:

Liz Christy Garden 

Houston & Bowery

Sunday the 24th beginning at 2:00pm until 5pm

Penny Jones is a long-time, practiced, and gifted gardener. She will give three workshops – each for one hour.

2 pm – History and Fundamentals of Picturesque Gardening: Learn strategies to make your garden appear bigger

3 pm – Foliage Color Design: Examine layering of blue, green, yellow, and variegated foliage

4 pm – Know Your Tools: Handle shovels, spades, and pitchforks; learn ergonomics to save your back


SDR Park It’s My Park Days (IMPD) and Volunteer Days Fall 2017 (Updated)



Stewarded Gardens in Sara Roosevelt Park

To work in these gardens you must to reach out to the Contact Person listed. Please be patient – we’re all volunteers and will respond as soon as we can!



New Forsyth Conservancy 

Contact: Jason Eisner

Contact information SDR Website:


M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden 

Contact: Jane Barrer or Debra Jeffreys-Glass

Contact Information MKGarden Website:


Elizabeth (‘Betty’) Hubbard Garden

Contact: Rob Watson

Contact Information SDR Website: :


The Hort/Emma Lazarus details for Fall activities and dates TBA

Contact: Pam Ito, Director of Education The Horticultural Society

Contact Information: or SDR Website:


Hua Mei Bird Sanctuary

Contact: Tommy Chan (no volunteers needed – but donations accepted for upkeep)

Contact Info: SDR website:


Stanton Area:

Contact: Terese or K

Contact Info: SDR website:



To volunteer anywhere else in SDR Park:


Juan Torres: Park Supervisor

Contact: Juan Torres

Contact info:




Proposed or Set SDR Park Volunteer Days Fall 2017

If you’d like to volunteer please contact the person listed for the site above



October 11th (Wednesday) 2017

Volunteer Group: Citizen’s for NYC & company

Contact: K or Bob

Location: Stanton Street Area/BRC Front


October 21 (Saturday) 2017 10am-2pm

Volunteer Group: It’s My Park Day:

Contact: K

Location: Stanton Street Area


October 21, 2017 12pm- 4pm

Volunteer Group: It’s My Park Day, M’Finda Gardeners:

Contact: Jane

Location: M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden


TBA 2017

Volunteer Group: New Forsyth Conservancy Gardners:

Contact: Jason

Location: New Forsyth Conservancy (on Delancey Street – south)


November 11, 2017

Volunteer Group: New Yorkers for Parks

Contact: K

Location: TBA


IMPORTANT: From Sara D Roosevelt Park Manager:


– Please check for poison ivy


– Please check for used needles. Do not remove them yourself (we are working with local providers on this issue)


Rally: Stop Funding Climate Change!

From 350NYC:

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 @ 8:30 AM – 9:30AM

NYC Municipal Building,1, Centre Street, NY 10007

#FossilFreeNYC #DivestNY

In this era of catastrophic hurricanes, floods and forest fires, the New York City Retirement Systems continue to pump billions of dollars into the rogue fossil fuel industries that are destroying the planet in pursuit of profits.

This has to stop! Join us for a rally and leafleting action before the quarterly meeting of all five New York City Retirement systems to send a message that Divesting from Fossil Fuels Now is the only responsible thing to do to protect the city’s retirement funds.

The Common Investment Meeting (CIM) is a quarterly meeting of all five New York City Retirement Systems at which the Systems’ performance is reported and decisions about investments and initiatives are made. They need to hear loud and clear that investing in fossil fuels is no longer an acceptable option.

Heed the Warnings, Stop the Floods



NYC Climate Light Brigade – Light up the skyline!

Sunday, September 24, 2017 @ 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

Pier 4 Beach Brooklyn Bridge Park

214 Furman St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Can you help us light up the NY skyline with messages of resistance and climate action? We are organizing a Light Brigade to send a message to the NYC Comptroller Stringer to divest from destructive fossil fuel companies. More than $3 billion of public money is invested in the likes of Exxon, Chevron, BP and Enbridge.

As we approach the 5th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy and watch with horror the destruction caused by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, now, more than ever, we need New York City to be a climate leader. But NYC can’t do that if it continues to invest in climate destroyers. We need 30 people to come out and hold brightly lit signs produced by the NYC Light Brigade.

It’ll be a fun, creative way of sending a serious message to NYC pension fund trustees which are meeting on Sept 20. Kid Friendly! And you’ll be helping to create dramatic and lasting images that’ll be used often in the lead up to a big march at the end of October.

It’s time to #DivestNY!

PLEASE NOTE: MEET ON THE BEACH See Map: Brooklyn Bridge Beach between Pier 5 and Pier 4. There is a street entrance on Montague St which is off of Furman. Clark Street is the closest subway stop. RSVP by emailing us at and include your phone number. Feel free to recruit friends!

Save the Date!


We Remember. We Resist. We Rise.

Five years ago, Superstorm Sandy flooded our subways, destroyed our homes, and took loved ones from us. Like in Florida and Texas, the people hit hardest by Sandy were the poor, people of color, immigrants, and our already most vulnerable communities.

New York’s elected officials must protect us from the impacts of climate change and lead a just transition to a renewable energy economy. We cannot wait any longer. On October 28th, we will assemble and march over the Brooklyn Bridge, and then rally at the Smith NYCHA Houses in Manhattan.

On October 28th, let’s march to demand a better future. Communities across the city will remember, resist, and rise together. #Sandy5   RSVP here:

Medicare for New Enrollees 

From Borough President Gale Brewer:

Thursday September 28th from 3-5pm
Bellevue Hospital: 462 First Avenue