As has been made abundantly clear, this is about  protecting the health of doctors, nurses, delivery people, cashiers, janitors, maids….

We are in this together or we won’t do very well.

New York Times

You have an essential role to play in slowing the spread of the new coronavirus. The good news is that small changes in personal behavior can buy time — slowing the outbreak, preventing hospitals from becoming overwhelmed and reducing cases until scientists develop treatments and, eventually, a vaccine. Here’s some practical advice from doctors and public health experts to protect yourself and your community.

Prevent Infection

Slow the outbreak by keeping yourself and others from getting sick.


Stock up on food responsibly and create a household plan.

Stay Home

Stay at home to protect others, and use these strategies to keep life as normal as possible.

Recover From Illness

What to do if you or a family member gets sick.

1You Can Prevent Infection

The impact just one person can have on spreading the virus — or tamping it down — is exponential. In the space of a month, one infected person leads to about 400 additional cases, according to Adam Kucharski, a mathematician who specializes in disease outbreaks.

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March 26 Spring Is On Its Way in Sara Roosevelt Park


From Gale Brewer Manhattan Borough President

A list that is full of helpful links and information:


It’s Thursday, March 19, and this is my fourth COVID-19 newsletter.

As you might imagine, the New York Blood Center is experiencing critically low blood and platelet appointments– making it difficult to meet patient needs and hospital demand. If you’re able

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Keep 3 feet for Safety - Help Slow the Spread of the COVID19 Virus

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Working in the Sara Roosevelt Gardens

“Love in the Time of Cholera”


We’re outside, maintaining social distancing of 3 feet minimum.

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NYC Stop the Spread of the Coronavirus - COVID19

‘We are all in this together’ isn’t just a nice slogan -it’s OUR BEST and most human survival strategy!

Younger, fit, people are NOT immune.

Older, with underlying health concerns are at risk.

NYTimes: Workers with Greatest Coronavirus Risk:

Top 7: Nurses, Cashiers, CareAides, Janitors, Maids, Police, Lawyers.


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NYC Health What You Need to Know about COVID-19

Audubon Society on Harriet Tubman’s Naturalist Expertise

An original environmental justice advocate.

“Many people are aware of Harriet Tubman’s work on the Underground Railroad and as a scout, spy, guerrilla soldier, and nurse for the Union Army during the Civil War. Fewer know of her prowess as a naturalist.

“She used bird calls to help guide her charges, eventually helping some

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From Virology Down Under: So you think you’re about to be in a pandemic?

From Virology Down Under Go to their website!

Photo by Daria Volkova on Unsplash

We’re not in a pandemic now so let’s get ahead of what’s coming.


Assumptions and severity

This post is based on the assumption that a pandemic will occur at some point and that Wave

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