Sara Roosevelt Park Budget Priorities for Community Board 3

Climate Week


Women of Color/Collective in Sustainability (WOCCS)” group.

“Dear WOC/CS Nation, 

Fall season is upon us! This means sweater weather, ridiculous pumpking-everything marketing, and finally, CLIMATE NYC is here! This special edition email chain is dedicated to informing YOU of what’s going on in the city this month, and how YOU can be a part of it. Events have been carefully curated to fit WOC/CS’s engagement with sustainability, WOC, women empowerment, diversity, environmental justice, technology ..etc) We’ve got you covered!

Climate Week NYC will take place this year from September 23rd to 29th. Run in coordination with the UN and the City of New York, Climate Week continues to grow as the time and place for the world to showcase amazing climate action and discuss how to do more. You can also view Climate Week NYC’s full event calendar here.

Please feel free to reply and share with the collective any exciting events of your own. Now, let’s roll!

Wed 09/18: Diversity in Green:  Although green initiatives and organizations are constantly pushing forward important sustainability and climate agendas, have the organizations been as committed to creating an inclusive work environment as well? 

Wed 09/18: Latinos in Sustainability – Solar Power Event.

Wed 09/18: Sustainability Consulting: Evolving Opportunities to Become a Change Agent

Thu-sat  19-21 UNited for Climate Justice, 

FEPS is hosting a series of dialogues on issues surrounding climate change and those affected by it – UNited for Climate Justice. The event spans Thursday September 19 – Saturday September 21.

Thursday, 19 September (6:30 – 9:00 p.m.): Reception & Photo Exhibition 

Friday, September 20 (9:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.): Climate Justice Conference, followed by participation in the Climate Strike with Greta Thunberg

Saturday, September 21 (8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.): Climate Justice Conference closing session

The event is free and you are welcome to come to any part of it – simply register at this link:  


Thu 09/19: Now or Never: Storytellers Tackling Climate Change Eventbrite here


Frid 09/20: Volunteer Orientation: Marketplace of the Future, Closing Event of Climate Week

Zero Waste NYC

Fri 09/20: OUR People, OUR Hoods, OUR Power! Uprose the 7th Climate Justice Youth Summit in Brooklyn, NY. The summit is the largest gathering of young people of color in the country on climate change.To register for the Climate Justice Youth Summit, email or call 718-492-9307.

Sat 9/21. 11am – 5pm. Climate Reality Project NYC Chapter’s Day of Climate Action at Governor’s Island

Sat 09/21: Bringing Labor & Climate Justice Movements Together for a Sustainable Future

Sat 09/21 Building United, Resilient Movements to End the Climate Emergency.Eventbrite here

Sat 09/21: Sustaining Ourselves as Activists and Organizers

Sun 09/22: Supporting Young People of Color in the Climate Movement

Sun 9/22: 7:30 – 10:30pm. Pre-Summit Climate & Cocktails. $45 at The Almond. 

Sun 09/22: Women and Climate Justice

Sun 09/22: Supporting Young People of Color in the Climate Movement Complete Schedule  

Mon 9/23. 7:30 – 9pm. Youth Climate Strike Panel moderated by Al Gore. Free at NY Ethical Society.

Mon 09/23: The Inescapable Climate Revolution: Are We There

Tues 09/24: Partnership for Policy Integrity (PFPI) will be hosting two screenings of BURNED as part of UN Climate Week NYC 2019  Information here 

Wed 09/25: Do No Harm: Achieving Net Zero Buildings  

Wed 09/25: Climate Change in the Classroom: Climate Ed and Place-Based


Wed 09/25: NYC Climate Mobilization Act: Opportunities and Risks

Wed 09/25: Women, Climate and Sports Registration here

Wed 09/25:  Mindfulness As A Tool for Climate Activism Registration here 

Wed 09/25: NAPHN, ILFI, and BE-Ex present a Climate Week event on the role of urban, high-density, net-zero projects in meeting the demands of our emissions reduction goals.

Thu 09/26:  BuildingEnergy NYC: This year’s theme of “Electrification” means that content will focus on how electrification will affect design, construction, related policies, technology, operations, user engagement, and community equity, as well as on solutions for when electrification is not possible.

Thu 09/26 Women in The Green Economy NY Climate Week: Women in the Green Economy Tickets

Thu 09/26 Join E2 and our partners for a NYC Climate Week event, “Making New York an Offshore Wind Jobs Hub” 

Thu 09/26: SheBuildsWaves : The Quarterly Conversations

Fri 09/27: Marketplace of the FutureCSI members Future Meets Present are organizing the second annual Marketplace of the Future, the official closing ceremony for Climate Week NYC! It’s a cross between a celebration and market, showcasing 40+ start-ups that operate with sustainable supply chains, give-back models, and social benefit at their core.

Sat 09/28: Day of Learning: On the Art of Environmental Justice 2019 Event Registration

Sun 09/29: This new cutting-edge installation confronts the realities of climate change. Arcadia Earth is an immersive experience, with 15 rooms devoted to different environmental issues

Mon 09/30:  TBD next WOC/CS meetup!

Oct 1-Oct 6: Pratt Sustainability Coalition invites you to BLUE WEEK 2019

 Feel free to share with your other networks!”

Participatory Budgeting for Council Districts 1 and 2 (CM's Chin and Rivera)

Spike in the Methane Levels this year

“Earlier this summer I began noting the troublesome spike in atmospheric methane readings from Barrow AK. Someone commented they were likely in error. Nope. These record high readings over 2000 ppb are real and part of a record spike up in Arctic methane levels this year.” – Randall Gates


“This is is legitimately terrifying.

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In Coordination with UN Climate Summit: Events for Parents and Young People

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John Hardy, Citizens for NYC and the Sara Roosevelt Park Coalition Work Day

John Hardy Company and Citizen’s for NYC joined the SDR Community Coalition (including the M’Finda Garden and Audubon Society) today to weed, build, rake, mulch, wood chip, tear out, prune.


Thank you to the John Hardy volunteers led by Kim and Kareem. Thank you to Citizens for NYC led by Erika, Carla,

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In Memory of the Reverend Deacon Hopper


A giant in our community.

Barbara Kingsolver on 9/11....12 Days Later

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Rep. Carolyn Maloney Joins the Lower East Side Community to Call for the Passage of H.R.4197, The Revitalizing Cities Through Parks Enhancement (RECIPE) Act

“When we preserve Parks, green, trees, we’re helping the air, the water, we are helping the mental health of the people it is so important to the future of

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Visit From a Black and White Warbler

Seen in M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden From Cornell Lab of Ornithology: BASIC DESCRIPTION

One of the earliest-arriving migrant warblers, the Black-and-white Warbler’s thin, squeaky song is one of the first signs that spring birding has sprung. This crisply striped bundle of black and white feathers creeps along tree trunks and branches like a nimble nuthatch,

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