The 2022 Lower East Side Hero Awards: Including Sara Roosevelt Park’s Debra Jeffreys -Glass and Kim Fong

Our Heroes! Debra Jeffreys-Glass and Kim Fong

(presenters K Webster and Ryan Gilliam)

Thank you to FABnyc for honoring ALL our neighborhood heroes – and Park heroes Kim Fong and Debra Jeffreys-Glass – during the 2022 LES Community Hero Awards* 

And our honorees from 2021:

Kim Fong (K Webster presenter):
Debra Jeffreys-Glass (Ryan Gilliam) presenter:

*”The LES Community Hero Awards are intended to recognize community members whose contributions have been deeply meaningful and yet are often the ‘unsung’ heroes of the neighborhood. The awards were created in 2014 as part of the first celebration of Lower East Side History Month in May, now an annual event.”

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