WNYC’s Science Friday: “a treasured find” in Sara Roosevelt Park

WNYC’s Science Friday Ira Flatow talks with Cognitive neuroscientist Colin Ellard who studies how our streetscapes shape our bodies, brains and behavior.

Ira: I followed one of your tour routes…My first stop was a city green space. We are at a community garden at the Sara D Roosevelt Park in historic lower east side of NY. If you look into the garden it really makes you forget that you are in the lower east side. It is beautifully taken care of there are park benches, there is a place to play chess, sit and relax and plenty of greenery and when you look around you can clearly see that people have been gardening in this garden all summer. I would describe my physical state as being relaxed, “vacation- y”, and very much feeling at one with nature here…”

photo: Steve Elson

Colin: “…That spot where you were was such a treasured find on that walk. We really didn’t expect to find anything that tranquil, that kind of oasis of greenspace on the walk.”

Ira: “It’s really true you just walk in there and suddenly you’re in a different place.”

Ira near the Hua Mei Bird Sanctuary:


Can Science Help Build Happier Cities? OCT. 16, 2015 – with thanks to Ted Glass

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