It’s My Park Day!

Great turn out with too many to thank. Let me know if I missed you!

Jen Itzkowitz organized the donations and food (terrific job), food boss Kevin stepped in to lead the day in food. Penny led the pruning brigade with Oriol (who brought a very good friend who spent the day chopping down a tree in the garden), Jenifer organized the children’s shed, Chris, Kevin, Lauren (yes, who had a baby this week), George, Carol, Kate and Shel were all on tree pit renovation. Beautiful job with all the tree pits from Stanton to Delancey (we’ll finish up tomorrow). Turi pruned, Joe watched the gate and welcomed people, Ted was on turtle pond duty and helped with sandbox removal and fixed the wheelbarrow’s flat tire. Raisa planted tulips. Wendy Brawer of Green Map Systems planted tulips in honor of Adam Purple across from the site of the former “Garden of Eden” (thank you Wendy!). Carolina from Combo CoLab began installing rainwater harvesting (or repairing what has been here). Kirsti of Partnerships for Parks (who organized our tool and bulb drop off) stopped by to say hello. Turi also befriended a butterfly (look at the photo carefully) that resembled a leaf. Anyone know what kind it is? And what about those terrifying ‘crickets’ guarding the chain?

Bob and K did things too.

Morgenstern’s Ice Cream gave us LOTS of ice cream without standing in line for this sought after treat! -Rivington between Chrystie and Bowery.

Stanton CSA gave us fruit.

Our Partnership for Parks’ Capacity Grant funded meeting on Wednesday had left over: water, soda’s, table cloths, utensils – all donated.

Starbucks gave coffee and pastries and sandwiches- Allen and Delancey.

Pop-Karma gave bulk bags of popcorn – Orchard just south of Delancey.

The Pickle Guys -Essex near Grand.

There was home-baked bread, and other goodies from our excellent gardeners.

It was lovely to be working on the same day that women running for breast cancer awareness graced our park with their presence.

We worked! And at the end of the day we ate all the ice cream Bob would share! Thanks everyone. It was a great day.

Tomorrow Bob and I will be out there again from 1-4 with a crew from Temple E Manuel. Join us! Lots of leftovers!

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