New funding for the park

We were thrilled to hear about funding for SDR park from Council Member Margaret Chin’s office. It makes an enormous difference to have that kind of infusion in a park that serves so many residents and visitors in the densely packed Lower East Side. Especially since it is earmarked for the Stanton Street Park’s building.

We are gathering resources, help and commitments to help turn this storage space into a viable space for much needed teen/tween programming for the local community. All parties seem to be eager to work out any difficulties in making it happen!

This area serves four high schools, Housing sponsored by the NY Society for the Deaf, the Rafael Hernandez NYCHA building, Section 8 housing on 10 Stanton Street, Avalon Bay, the soccer field on Stanton and a rehabilitation facility on Chrystie Street.

We thank our Council Member for keeping this area in her sights.

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