M’Finda Kalunga Garden It’s My Park Day – Bench Painting. Bulb Planting!

Solid days work by gardeners led by Colleen!

All photos by Jane Barrer.

Hi Gardeners,

Colleen:  Who did a Fantastic Job ordering supplies and organizing all the Bench Painting and cleaning out the shed for painting supplies!!!!!  Colleen literally spent hours and hours on this and did such a great job!!!!! She got 3/4 of the benches painted in the garden in one day!!!!!!!
We will paint the remaining benches next week.
Jane:  Who went shopping and bought tons of hot dogs and fixings and grilled them and made two delicious pasta salads for all of us!!!!!!
Ted:  Who fired up the Grill for us!!!!
Jen and Daughters:  Who Bought 3 boxes of delicious donuts and a large container of coffee for us!!!!!
Painting Crew:  Who Scraped & Painted tons of our Benches: Colleen, JimC., Ana, Shannon, Maddy, Alex, Jenifer, Dave, & Damian.  There is one more volunteer but I am sorry I don’t’ know your name, but Thank you!!!!  They all worked so hard from 12 noon til 5:30!!!!!!
The Band:  Who came and played fantastically beautiful music for us!!!!!!!
To Bob: Who makes all this possible!!!!
I hope I didn’t forget anyone? If I did, I am so so sorry!!!
Thank You All!!!!

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