Mayor Proposes to Freeze Hiring. Parks Already at “A Half a Century of Disinvestment”. Speaker Adrienne Adams Pushes Back.

July and August:

Garbage piles up where children get their free lunches.

Garbage piles up where the community, in an attempt to activate the park, held their ROAR festival activities in Rivington playground.


From Op Ed Daily News:

“1% of the city’s operating budget is the minimum the Parks Department requires to be a successful steward of the city’s more than 30,000 acres of parkland. We need the mayor and City Council to take this crucial first step toward reversing an embarrassing half-century legacy of disinvestment in our city’s parks and commit to allocating 1% of the city’s annual operating budget to the Parks Department.

Donovan Richards is Queens borough president. Adam Ganser is executive director of New Yorkers for Parks.

Council Speaker Adrienne Adams – “the cuts were concerning, especially at agencies where staff shortages have already impacted service delivery.”

“It is counterproductive for [the administration] to use this PEG to further restrict city agencies that need more capacity from hiring,” spokesperson Mandela Jones said in a statement. “The city needs to be judicious to ensure it is making smart investments that yield long-term benefits for our city and communities, rather than broadly making cuts that can undermine the health of our neighborhoods.”


Our summer (just July and August) without sufficient workers:

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