In memory of John Cannizzo

Our condolences to Pam and Julia and Claire on the loss of husband and father John Cannizzo.

He was a stalwart, knowledgeable and generous member of the M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden.


September 20, 2020 John and Pam working on their plot 

On this day, he had offered to prune my (K’s) poor Apple and Apricot tree in the spring. He knew his trees and was generous with that knowledge.


To you John, with our gratitude:


Coming to Worship the 1000 Year Old Cherry Tree


Life is good. Goodness is its character;

all else is defamation.?

The Earth is good. Goodness is its nature.?

Nature is good. Goodness is its essence.

People are also good.

Goodness is our offering;?our predictable yet unfathomable flowering.

Thankful and encouraged?

Infused with our peaceful inheritance,

Our peaceful inheritance,

May we not despair.

– Alice Walker


His work with Green City Force




From friend of the family Barbara: “I am the administrator of a gofundme account for the benefit of Pam and her daughters, and I know many of the gardening community have rallied, but I wanted to post a link so more people can donate, as Pam is avoiding social media so it is not as easy to pass the word.Pls see the link below:

She suggested people choose “other” for the tip and input $0 otherwise gofundme will get 2.9% automatically, and the family wd not benefit; gofundme gets income from credit card fees etc.”

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