Il Sole-24 Ore national Italian newspaper on The LES and a Bob Humber Interview

From the author: “You may remember that in the spring my wife and I came to interview you in your garden in Loisaida, with the intention of writing a piece on you. The article was published on June 28, but it took me a month to obtain a pdf of it, which I am happy to attach here.

Il Sole-24 Ore is a national Italian newspaper, the Italian equivalent of the Wall Street Journal. On Sundays it publishes a cultural supplement that is the most prestigious in the country, and that is where my articles appear. This one was published on page two of the supplement, giving it great visibility.

I thank you once again for agreeing to the interview, and for the splendid work you have been doing. As I say in closing the article, it was no cliche’ to say, when we left, that it was an honor to meet you.

Best wishes



Translation below (thanks to Erica):


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