City Relief Coming to Sara Roosevelt Park


Big thank you to NYC Parks and Susan Stetzer from CB3 and Council Member Chins Office for coordinating this venture. It has already lifted the spirits of all of us here!


Welcome to Teresa Gowan and City Relief  City Relief intends to distribute hot soup/hot chocolate and other resources on Thursdays 11-1pm after Thanksgiving.


Bob Humber VP of Sara Roosevelt Park Community Coalition will sit be on hand to provide community expertise.


Kim Fong of the BRC Senior Nutrition Center and Sandra Dupal of Ceci Cela already offered resources as well! (As they always do).


Ongoing thanks to Margaret Chin and the Borough President Brewer offices on behalf of this park.


And to Park volunteers Chris, Marvin, Richard, Bob, Teresa, and K (behind the camera).

Bob, Marvin, Richard, K, and Chris volunteers with Teresa Gowan.

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