Lottery Opens For 99 Affordable Senior Apartments: Essex Crossing Site 6

From The Lo-Down:

“An affordable housing lottery opened this morning for 99 senior apartments at 175 Delancey Street, part of the Essex Crossing project.

All of the apartments, located on site 6 of the large mixed-use development, are one-bedroom units. At least one applicant must be 55 years of age or older. There are various income bands for the apartments, ranging from no income up to 90% of Area Median Income (AMI). Monthly rent will be set from $396-$1254. The largest block of apartments (75 units) are available to households earning between $21,066-$43,500/year.”


The Ramapough vs Pilgrim (yep that’s their name) Pipeline (The Ramapoughs fought Trump before it was popular)

Shadows of genocide and racism.

From the NYTimes: “The Ramapough vs The World”

“….for the Ramapoughs, a group of indigenous people native to the highlands around Mahwah, N.J., life has often been a series of excruciating struggles over rights and resources. The tribe has an embattled history marked by colonial occupation, environmental degradation, discrimination, and clashes with politicians and real estate developers. Over the years, they have been left greatly diminished, a proud tribe working to stave off eradication and invisibility.

But the Ramapoughs have experienced something of an awakening in recent months. After a developer proposed an oil pipeline that would run through their native land — and potentially threaten the region’s water supply — the tribe began a wave of protests that has drawn together its dwindling members. They were galvanized further by the election of President Trump, whom they see as an enemy to the environment and indigenous life at large — and an old foe of the tribe in particular. Now this small and beleaguered community is preparing for battle with forces both local and national. For Mr. Perry, the stakes are nothing short of the existence of the Ramapoughs.”

Here’s what we can do: go to the Coalition Against Pilgrim Pipeline website. A number of petitions are there. Sign. Send. Fight.


New Yorkers 4 Parks: A Public Realm Bill of Rights

From New Yorkers for Parks:

Monday, April 17th for NY4P x NYC 

6:30 – 8:30 pm

All those who want to be involved/support public parks are welcome!

“It’s a challenging time for New York City, and the decisions made today will shape the city for decades to come.

Will New York have enough parks and green space to ensure that the 8.5 million people who live here are healthy and happy?

Will our open spaces serve the needs of the communities that depend on them?

How do we guarantee that the citizens of New York have a say in what happens?

Unveiling their Public Realm Bill of Rights. Give input on what our city must do to ensure that all New Yorkers enjoy those rights. 

This will help shape our election year campaign – tell us what your communities need, and we’ll make sure City Hall gets the message. 

We can’t speak up for the people of New York without your voice. RSVP today

Rhonda Sue’s Chocolates in the Daily News

Noted on the Lo-Down:

“The Daily News explores some of the better food offerings along the J Line, near the Bowery Station. Roni-Sue’s Chocolates, across from Sara D. Roosevelt Park, earns high marks for a spring special, truffles with strawberry and rhubarb.”

Eating along the J line: Bruleed Peeps…are must-try treats near this Bowery train stop

Chocolate goddess

City chocoholics likely already know Rhonda Kave, the Roni-Sue of Roni-Sue’s Chocolates. Since she started making sweets professionally 10 years ago — after decades of doing it as a hobby — she’s made a name for confections, truffles, toffees, lollipops and other sweets with a sense of humor and well-sourced ingredients.



Peepers in M’Finda Kalunga Garden

From an intrepid gardener:

“Don’t know how many of you have noticed, but those squeaky wheel sounds coming from the garden

after dark will not be fixed with an oil can.  

That is our own native spring peepers….there are several quite tuneful sopranos … They seem to be

mostly located in or around the plant filled pond across from Bob’s ‘greenhouse’ area.  Ah what a delight

it is…..they seemed to be thriving in the [area] that has lots of plant material growing in the pond.  

So, if you want some male peepers ….singing from your pond, add some plant material.  Warm wet

spring nights are their favorites.”


Freeman Alley Restaurant Asking CB3 for OK to Stay Open Until 2am Thursday, Friday, Saturday

What do you think?

Freemans Restaurant (at the end of Freeman Alley), 191 Chrystie St. 1R, is asking to stay open and serve alcohol until 2am: Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

There will be an opportunity for in -person public comment at the CB3 meeting on:

Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at 6:30pm

Thelma Burdick Community Room

10 Stanton Street(corner of Bowery)

Or you can email (by Wednesday) your comments to the Community Board 3 Office:

Susan Stetzer <>  

Job Openings at the Public Hotel


Job Expo Meeting


10 Stanton Street

Come learn about



115 Chrystie Street


Front of House/Back of House


Front Desk Agents



Construction & Engineer

Please join us if interested in job opportunities


LES Employment Network


April 11, 2017

6 P.M.

Large Community Room

The Stanton Street Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Saturday April 7th tomorrow!

From Bowery Boogie:

Windflower Farms will be holding their first day of the Stanton CSA tomorrow.

On the back patio of the M’Finda Kalunga Garden 1-2pm. Rain or Shine.



Sara Roosevelt Park: Spring Gardens, Soccer, Basketball, Park’s Mulch for Garden Beds, Bird Sanctuary, Statues from Marte Valle and sadly – parked cars.

Past time to get cars out of the park. Public transportation works for the neighborhood why not for everyone?

It’s time to replace the tree planted with love (run over by a truck in the park) by the LES Prep students and AAFE seniors! The empty tree pit should have a tree in it! Not be part of a driveway for trucks.

Before and After:

If you can’t avoid a stationary tree it doesn’t bode well for someone on a bike, a child running through the park or strolling park users. Cars have no place in this narrow park. It is the # 1 complaint we get.

Robert Frost on Walls