Park Flowers. Just Because.


Pace High School Advisory in Sara Roosevelt Park Today


Visited the New Forsyth Conservancy Plots, wood – chipped tree pits throughout the north end of the park, wood chipped pathways in MKGarden, bought stones for pathways, took out garbage, cleaned the chicken coop, fed and watered the chickens, swept the children’s playground, weeded in the children’s playground, and helped plant flowers.

Thank you for today to Nicole, Billy, Victoria, Shaiann, Lulama, Britney, Rong, Tristian and Raphael. They put together a presentation of their work this Saturday.

And thank you to the entire group for all the efforts you made here. All of the above and Fahad, Leah Nicole, Ethan.

Pace High School Advisory!

2018 Loisaida Festival Sunday, May 27th 2018!!

From the Lo-Down “Coming up on Sunday, May 27, the Loisaida Festival returns to Avenue C for its 31st year”

Parade! Performances, Presentations, Shows! Kid Friendly activities!

Learn more here!

2018 Loisaida Festival Poster

By: Gustavo Castrodad

NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer’s Town Hall June 5th 2018 6:30pm

Justen Ladda and the Allen Street Mall

Thanks to the diligent work of Justen Ladda, the Allen Street Mall (in the section he stewards) continues to flourish with astonishing, simple beauty.

Help needed:

  • The bench seating is once again falling apart. Despite Parks having just replaced the broken slats it appears the design itself creates a never-ending cycle of breakage. The way they are milled is just not workable for actual sitting.

Can we bring back those beautiful, well designed World’s Fair Benches that were taken out?

  • The sand on the mall needs to be taken out and replaced by topsoil. Not sure whether this is a Parks, Sanitation or DOT issue, but assuming someone could sort it?

Mayoral Service Recognition from GreenThumb

Honored to be recognized by GreenThumb and the Mayor’s NYC Service Program.


We work diligently and joyfully (mostly!) to make Sara Roosevelt Park beautiful and functional. Some of us are paid. Some of us are not. But all of us have a goal of creating a safe, enjoyable, vibrant, unique, sustainable and alive community green space that has a welcome for everyone and an expectation of treating each other and the natural environment with respect. We  believe in a shared public and government responsibility, ownership and stewardship.

We have many obstacles to work out and much to learn about building agreements that help NYC parks remain one of the few truly democratic spaces left in our City.

K Webster

SDR Park Coalition


Tenement Museum Staffers Invite YOU to Join Their Efforts in SDR Park Thursday May 24Th at 5:30

From the New Forsyth Conservancy:



For the past three years, Members of the Tenement Museum Staff have taken-on the role of garden steward for three portions of Sarah Delano Roosevelt Park (on the south side of Delancey between Forsyth and Christie). The seasons for this work have come around again and we’re reaching out to all aspiring Urban Gardeners to participate in this affirming and important community service.


In addition to improving our local green space, volunteering to participate in this group places you in the historic continuum of the Lower East Side garden movement. Our group, in fact has taken on the name of those pioneering gardeners. We are The New Forsyth Garden Conservancy.


We weed, we clear away debris, we lay down mulch, we plant bulbs, we meet people, we build pathways, and best of all, we learn more about the neighborhood through our discoveries. Part maintenance, part gardening, part landscaping, part archeology… all storytelling!


Weather permitting, we meet each Thursday  at the park site between 5:30 and 6:00. Our kick off Spring 2018 meeting is Thursday May 24Th at 5:30.


For this first meeting, we’ll meet in the breakroom and schlep over to our plots together. If you are unable to join us this week, consider doing so any Thursday it’s not raining between now and October. All you need are some cloths you don’t mind getting dirty (long sleeves are a good idea, FYI). We have gloves, tools, and trash bags.

Everyone is welcome!


Jason Eisner, Manager for 97 Orchard

Lower East Side Tenement Museum 103 Orchard Street

Pace High School Advisory in M’Finda Kalunga Garden and The Audubon Plot

Billy, Rafael, Victoria and Nicole


Chicken care, collecting eggs, weeding, transplanting, installing pathway stones, and more!


From Neighbors to Save Rivington House: DOB Gives the OK for Interior Demolition of Rivington House

Despite CM Chin and MBP Gale Brewer’s letter to halt all work on this building until issues of zoning are resolved.

The permit doesn’t allow for major structural work and no change to occupancy. There was no timely notice to community, local elected representatives, etc. from DOB or the buyers.

Here’s the permit

Those are NY State taxpayer funded heavy metal doors being crushed.



Meanwhile, right down the street from this attempt to create luxury housing out of a community health facility…elders await food handouts of food. Oh and note the garbage piled up in front of Rivington House. Apparently garbage removal is only important when trashing the millions of dollars of upgrades paid for by NY State taxpayers.

It’s My Park Day in Sara Roosevelt Park’s M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden