Updated: Return Stanton ParkHouse To FDR’s Intended Use For This Community

The Stanton Building Task Force was formed by the Sara D Roosevelt Park Coalition, University Settlement, Green Map System, FABnyc, and Keena Suh’s Pratt School of Design Students to return this Park building to the community’s use.

The parkhouse, built for the public in 1934, was boarded up during the City’s financial crisis of the 1970s. During the 1980’s, after neighborhood volunteers, the 5th Precinct police and local non-profits reclaimed the park from violence, murder, and drug and sex traffickers, it became storage for all of Manhattan’s parks.  Promises from the Parks Department of its return for public use date back to 1982.

It’s time to return it.

With deep appreciation for this document to Wendy Brawer and Green Map System 

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