Tu B’Shevat and The Power of Trees

from Tkiya:

“Tkiya uses participatory music experiences to help people of all ages find their unique connection with Jewish culture and to reinvigorate diverse Jewish communities.”

See https://tkiya.org/tu-bshevat/


“How Has a Tree Helped You Today?” by Carla Friend

How has a tree helped you today,
How has a tree helped you today,
How has a tree helped you today,
Oh let us count the ways!

Take a deep breath,
Take a deep breath.
You know the air we breath,
It comes from trees!

Oh let us count the ways!

“Tu Tu Tu B’Shevat” by Carol Boyd Leon

Tu, Tu, Tu B’shevat,
Tu B’shevat is on its way.

Plant, plant, plant a seed,
Plant a seed right in the ground.
Rain, rain, rain will fall,
Raindrops falling all around.
Sun, sun, sun will shine,
Shining brightly in the sky
To help the trees grow up so high,
Help them grow so high.

Grow, grow, start to grow
Like the trees we see outside.
Stretch, stretch, stretch up high,
Branches reaching very wide.
Sway, sway side to side,
Leaves are dancing in the breeze
To celebrate a birthday,
The birthday of the trees.

And, with thanks to Diana Carilli, Labrynth maker:

The Power of Trees

“People need trees. They need to see leaves from their windows, to sit in green spaces, and to play in the shade. Trees draw people out from behind walls of brick and glass, and in coming together, neighbors forge relationships, nurture children, and build a sense of community. Those are key findings from a series of studies conducted by a University of Illinois College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) team.”

Ming Kuo, Director of The Landscape and Human Health Laboratory at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign on NPR’s Brian Lehrer show:



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