The Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice

We are women and girls of all ages, in all our diversity, from every region of the world;

We are gravely concerned about the lack of just and sufficient action on climate change by the world’s leaders;

We are concerned about the increasing number of disastrous mega storms  that are killing people, eradicating species, and destroying ecosystems and livelihoods;

We are concerned about sea-level rise and disappearing land masses, in addition to the serious environmental and human casualties caused by  droughts, desertification, ocean acidification, water salination, crop failures, air pollution, oil spills, plastics and other pollution, glacier melt, record warm summers and cold winters, and out-of-season cyclones and tsunamis;

We are concerned about all women and the communities and environments in which we live, including those of us from indigenous lands and oceanic societies who have contributed the least to climate disruption but who are suffering the greatest impacts first and most intensely;

We refuse to allow corporate control of our planet, our rights, or sanction a world that prioritizes growth and greed over human rights, decent and equal work, healthy ecosystems and a just distribution of wealth;

We are concerned that governments of the world are moving too slowly, with too little effort, and without the ambition, commitment or financing that it will take to stop and reverse our global climate crisis;

And we are stunned, upset and outraged that our future, and the future of our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and of all living beings and ecosystems is being abandoned for short-term self-interest and a lack of vision, leadership, and political will;

Finally and critically, as women and girls, we are not only facing severe impacts, but we are central to the implementation of real solutions that produce real results.

Women must be full and equal partners in the fight to combat global climate chaos!

Women of the world have had enough. The time for urgent action is Now.

We are speaking Truth to Power. We Demand Change.

Together, we are creating a mass movement for climate justice and pledge to take action. Together we call on all women, all girls and all of our allies to join us in this pledge, to join our Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice and our 2015 Campaign of six actions, on six themes, over six months towards the UN Climate Meeting this December in Paris.

Women and girls will express our concerns and deliver our demands for meaningful and just action on climate change at every level and in all possible arenas – local, regional, national and global.

We will take action everywhere – in our homes, neighborhoods, village squares, agricultural gardens, fishing grounds, sacred places, worship sites, community organizations, workplaces and schools.

We will make our presence known at our Parliaments, embassies and local government buildings; in corporate headquarters of carbon polluters and energy companies; at the ballot box, in the news media, on social media, and at the front doors of ALL those with the power to change the trajectory of climate injustice.

We will talk, sing, shout, stand, and sit.  We will lobby, hold vigils, protest, blockade, and barricade. We will take action in the smallest villages, the largest cities, the highest mountains, in the oceans, and at the UN Climate Conference in Paris, France.

Representing women in every region of the world, we call for:

  • System change not climate change

  • Avoiding a 1.5 degree global temperature rise

  • Ensuring gender equality and human rights in all climate actions

  • Keeping oil and fossil fuels in the ground

  • Transitioning to 100% safe and renewable energy

  • Implementing energy efficiency and conservation measures everywhere, by everyone

  • Dramatic and urgent reduction in production and consumption patterns by everyone, including and especially by those who have contributed the most to this problem from the developed world

  • Commitment by developed countries to take the lead in the fight to address the climate crisis and to provide developing countries with the means to mitigate and adapt to climate change, in a spirit of solidarity and justice.

    We do not give up on our beautiful planet. We do not give up on a future for every species.

We will never give up on our campaign for climate justice.


We invite you to endorse our pledge – The Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice – and join this campaign by women and girls of all ages, in all their diversity, with the support of all communities, and in all regions, to take action in 2015 with these monthly themes as inspiration:


We demand energy justice: decentralized and community-owned energy systems that reflect the needs and priorities of all people and are safe, affordable, and socially, economically and environmentally sound. We want an end to fossil fuels, nuclear power, mega dams, geo-engineering, and other high-risk technologies.

We will have a world of 100% renewables.

August – ECONOMY

We know our current economic models drive climate chaos and injustice through the promotion of growth outside the limits of our planetary boundaries. We have created an unsustainable economic system with global inequality and concentrated wealth that drives the climate crisis. The least developed countries and people living in poverty bear the greatest brunt of climate change, for which industrialized countries are mostly responsible. We need to change the system. To that end, we need trade justice, sustainable consumption patterns and economies of care. We need to equitably share wealth, resource and power and immediately divest from fossil fuel investments, toxic extraction industries, and all unsustainable production. We will change the system.

September- SOLUTIONS

Solutions for a more just world already exist. From advancing gender equality to ending inequalities and human rights violations.  From alternative energy, agro-ecology, marine and land reserves to changing behaviors and consumption patterns.  From innovating policies in cities and urban areas and to educating for sustainable development.  From just adaptation and mitigation strategies to seriously addressing loss and damage from climate chaos.

A better world is in our midst and women and girls are central to designing and implementing the solutions that will sustain it.

In fact, they are already doing so.


We already see the impacts of climate change happening around the world, primarily impacting peoples from the global South, with ever-worsening impacts on women’s lives, livelihoods and communities. Climate change is an issue of survival for humans and other species. For some island nations, it is about their very right to exist.

Climate chaos challenges sovereignty, clean and accessible water and sewage, clean air, healthy forests, land and oceans and biodiversity.

For women of the world, climate justice is about the survival and dignity of all- nothing less is acceptable.

November- POWER

It is time to reclaim our power — in our commons, our governments, our health, our food, our energy, our land, our oceans, and our world. We will showcase the power of collective action, of women and girls, and of peoples’ movements over the power of corporate interests. We will tell the truth about polluting industries and challenge the corporations and governments that are driving climate chaos.

Women of the world will speak truth to power.


We have called on you to act, and now, we call on you to join the global march for climate justice. Join concerned women all over the world and participate in mass actions in Paris during the UN Climate Meeting and/or create your own local action wherever you are in the world on November 29, December 12 and the two weeks in between.

Together, hundreds of thousands, in fact, millions of us will call for

System change not climate change!

 For ecological repair. For human rights.

For climate justice. For economic justice.

For gender justice. For a better and just world. For Peace.

In your country’s capital.  In your house, village, township or city.

From wherever you are. Organize! Mobilize! Resist!

Join the Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice.


Here’s some suggested actions you can take to support the

Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice!

This global campaign is aimed at providing a framework for mobilization, but actions and activities can be designed to fit your local, national and regional contexts. Examples of what you can do include:

  • Endorse the ‘Call’ and share it with your organization, contacts, friends, and with local and national media

  • Plan a march or rally in your city or community

  • Write an article on women’s experiences of climate change for your national or local newspaper

  • Develop a national pledge for the actions/themes you will undertake in the lead-up to Paris

  • Write and release a publication corresponding to one or more of the monthly themes

  • Host an event/webinar or teach-in

  • Go on a local radio program to raise awareness on the issues

  • Stage a protest or ‘sit-in’ at the headquarters of a corporation or industry with unsustainable practices

  • Develop a policy brief for your national government to bring new legislation on gender and climate change and to improve their policy positions at the UN Climate meetings.

  • Attend international meetings as a policy advocate for women’s rights issues in climate policy

  • Host an art exhibit to showcase the impacts of, or solutions to, climate chaos

  • Organize training program on renewable energy solutions for your local community

This is only a partial list of suggestions.  Please feel free to be creative and design your own actions!

And, don’t forget to share your activities with the Women’s Global Call for Climate Justice.

Upload them to our collective website (coming soon) to help amplify our collective work and movement building!

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