The NGO Committee on Sustainable Development NY

It has been a long number of months and meetings around the UN in NYC and around the world to hammer out a new set of goals for the world to be guided by post the Millennium Development Goals expiration. There are serious flaws in the outcome document but it is what was possible at this time, with these Member States with a very active NGO Community working very hard to make the goals progressive and human centered… 

The 17 goals are listed on the website here:‹

The NGO Committee on Sustainable Development NY

“Environmental, social and economic development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

“The purpose of the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development is to monitor and influence the implementation of the commitments and agreements adopted by the United Nations that pertain to sustainable development as defined by the UN Conference on Environment and Development, the Earth Summit, the MDGs, the SDGs, Rio+20 and the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda.  We seek to be knowledgeable about sustainable development issues under discussion or expected to be discussed by the United Nations. We focus attention and promote the programs of the United Nations on Sustainable Development for the Post-2015 Agenda, working closely with relevant UN commissions and agencies such as the United Nations Environment Programme and the Centre for Human Settlements (UN-Habitat), UNDP, UNDESA, UN Women, UNPFA, and UNODA and promote and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and the dissemination of information on sustainable development issues within the NGO community and to the general public to raise awareness toward an action agenda. We work with Ambassadors and Permanent Missions to the United Nations, members of civil society, academia, women, youth, indigenous leaders, members of the private sector and sustainable development experts in energy, water, climate change, and infrastructure to bring about collaborations that foster innovative solutions for sustainable development, social impact initiatives and gender equality issues.”


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