Several It’s My Park Day(s) in Sara Roosevelt Park, Corky Lee Way Honoring, and Around Chinatown Get-Out-the-Vote Non-Partisan Democracy Efforts

A lot to do this weekend!!!

Two major clean up/bulb planting and more efforts in Sara Roosevelt and a number of smaller ones throughout the Park (see below)

In the M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden: Instagram

“Hey friends, just a reminder that It’s My Park Day is this Sunday, October 22nd, starting at noon. Here’s a list of things we’ll want to tackle so far”

1. Planting bulbs – The Parks Department will give us flower bulbs, which I’ll hand out on a first-come, first-serve basis. We’d love to give some love to certain plots (that aren’t owned by anyone), especially along the fences. Help us make the garden pretty!
2. Greenhouse help  – Someone from the greenhouse crew can speak to this more?
3. Building sheds – Jane or someone who’s purchased the sheds may also be able to speak to this more?
4. Turtle roundup – Ted will be moving the turtles back inside
5. Walkway leaf round up & garbage clean up – picking up leaves from walkways and composting them, picking up garbage
And Tree replanting!
Also: de Britto plot work, Plots in front of the BRC and Stanton Area.

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