Sara Roosevelt Park is a Designated ‘Environmental Justice Area’

Parks are for people. Not cars or parking perks.

This troubled narrow park serves 7 blocks of low-income neighborhoods. The Broome Str Communications Building below serves all 5 boroughs. Why is it, and its parking, here?

NYC ‘Environmental Justice Area‘ map. NYC’s environmental justice law defines “Environmental Justice Areas” as low-income or minority communities located in the City of New York, based on US Census data.

Yet three of four of its Parkhouses are burdened with carrying:

All 5 boroughs at Broome Street.

All of Manhattan at Stanton Street.

All of Manhattan at Hester Street 

Only the robust, active, community hub of 30 Delancey Street parkhouse – the BRC Senior Nutrition Center is used by and for the people of these neighborhoods.

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