PEP is Ticketing Dog Walkers Who Use Playgrounds and Athletic Fields

Please walk dogs along the park sides – not in the playgrounds or fields. Our park workers clean up dog leavings every day. You may be picking up after your dog, but the city can’t guess who will or won’t. Dogs are simply not allowed there. And some children (and adults) are afraid of dogs. Even your sweet tempered one!

Instead, organize to find a site in this park for a dog run? We probably can only accommodate a small dogs in one of the plots. It would take a lot of work and some bureaucracy to get through.

Perhaps in front of the Broome Street Building? That are could use more active positive use? We have long asked for the cars to be removed – this could be another, better, park-use of that space.

We are entirely volunteer driven with very few funds. So everything we do is from your effort – the effort of our communities.

And…a reminder: adults are not allowed in the playgrounds without children. This is a safety precaution. Not personal.

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