Park Troubles – Fight for Funding for Parks!

Despite all the efforts of our Park workers, Park Manager Jamil Phillips, Ju-Wan, Parks staff, PEP, and our Volunteer Gardeners, we continue to see massive garbage pile ups, homeless encampments with our desperate neighbors (those in the encampments tend to be respectful of the plots that gardeners work hard on), drug sales, discarded needles, using garden plots as latrines, and general misuse, etc.

We know that demonizing our communities – whoever we are – only serves to divide and conquer to prevent a way forward.

We need: Housing, sufficient services, ending violence from any quarter, funding our daycares, ensuring healthcare for all, real mental health assistance – not more drugs, and a strong,


a vibrant Parks department workforce that we commit to as they commit to us.

Fight for Park funding HERE!!

AFTER and BEFORE pictures below:

This is the AFTER picture.

And this:


This is BEFORE:


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