October 14th 2015 Sara Roosevelt Park Community Coalition Stakeholders Meeting


We were stakeholders who line the perimeter of the park, not-for-profits with a long history in the Coalition, partners with particular expertise for the park, tenant associations, sport clubs, Schools, health facilities, small businesses, arts and cultural institutions, parks organizations, garden stewards, etc. We spoke in four key languages: Spanish, Chinese, English and sign. We were renters, owners, and homeless. We were two to sixteen to eighty! We talked and listened and learned and argued our thinking. We met to discuss rats, garbage, homelessness, youth, elders, safety, sports, usage of the park, returning Stanton Street building to the community, gardening, and stewardship of spaces. We came up with solutions for some problems, scratched our heads at others. Out of this we have two Task Forces that are meeting or will meet. (leave a comment here with your email if we want more information or  leave your email/contact information at the desk at 30 Delancey Street). We are a completely volunteer organization since 1982. Join us if you want to help out or join some of the many groups that are stewarding Sara Roosevelt  Park spaces.

Thank you to everyone (too many to name) who made the evening possible. Funding by Partnerships for Parks Capacity Grant!

Enjoy the photos of the evening – we’ll post our findings later!

photos by Lee Elson, Wendy Brawer, K Webster, Peter Gee

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