”If everyone on earth planted six native trees over six years it could help to mitigate climate change.” – Diana Beresford-Kroeger


New York Times Using Science and Celtic Wisdom to Save Trees (and Souls)

– Cara Buckley reporter

Diana Beresford-Kroeger: “medical biochemist, botanist, organic chemist, poet, author and developer of artificial blood…her main focus for decades now has been to telegraph to the world, in prose that is scientifically exacting yet startlingly affecting, the wondrous capabilities of trees.”

under the tutelage of a maternal grandaunt, she was taught ancient Irish ways of life known as the Brehon laws. She learned that in Druidic thinking, trees were viewed as sentient beings that connected the Earth to the heavens. She was also versed in the medicinal properties of local flora..”

“her treasured trees grow, all climate-change resistant to varying degrees: the kingnut, a blue-needled fir and a rare variant of the bur oak. She began creating her arboretum after learning that many key tree species prized by First Nations people for medicines, salves, oils and food had been razed by colonizers centuries ago.”

…and much more….


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