Housing Help & Listening to Thoughts on Sara Roosevelt Park Upgrades

The Offerings:

Beautiful accurate Map of this section of the Park via NYC Parks Department to write our thoughts about.


“Housing court help”, “keep  your families home” “voter rights” “civic engagment” “Avoiding eviction” “ways to reduce rent arrears”, “Know your rights – tenant protections”, Tenant repair rights, “What is Fair Housing?”!


The Community

some wandered through, others came full of purpose, small business owners, residents, sports players, gardeners, passersby, martial artists.

The Elected Reps, our Community Organizations and all our volunteers and staff!

For lending their weight, know-how, minds and hearts and tons of information on housing rights, test kits, masks and more!!

Senator Brian Kavanagh, Assembly Member Grace Lee, Council Member Chris Marte and John Blasco representing Congressman Dan Goldman.


The Mayor’s Public Engagement Unit: Staff & Volunteers: (thanks Jude and Louise for organizing your team) Paul, Brian and 

University Settlement: Housing Staff: Rohan and Salina! 

The Parks Department: Max Goodstein, Ricardo Hinkle, Crystal Xing, Jamil Phillips, and staff

Chinese Progressive Association: Mae Lee

Sara Roosevelt Park Community Coalition: K Webster, Debra Jeffreys Glass, Sandy Pliego, Edward Shalala, Steve Elson, Carinna) Translations: Kim Fong, Sandy Pliego.


This neighborhood’s volunteers, residents, park users, gardeners who’ve been supporters for decades.

The behind the scenes work of:

Emily Leng (Senator Kavanagh’s Office) flyer/logistics, Jamil Phillips (Parks Manager) and staff,  Fannie Ip (Assembly Member Lee’s Office), Caitlin Kelmar (Council Member Chris Marte’s Office), Sara Roosevelt Volunteers: K Webster, Debra Jeffreys Glass, Sandy Pliego, Edward Shalala, Steve Elson) Translations: Kim Fong, Sandy Pliego.


Thank you to all who made this day work!!


and a lovely martial arts display in The Pit!


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