“Green Map 2020: Evolving with Technology and Staying Community Focused”


eSpatially New York

“Perspectives on the Geospatial Community in the Empire State”

“For nearly 30 yearsGreen Map has been an anchor in the Metro NYC nonprofit mapping community.  Led by its original founder, Wendy Brawer, Green Map’s portfolio of work and advocacy in locally-led mapping and sustainability efforts is quite impressive.  Since the launch of the Green Map System by Wendy Brawer in 1995 and publication of the original Green Map of NYC through her eco-design company, the program’s engagement tools and mapping resources have been adapted by locally-led projects in 65 countries…


“…Last September, the Sara D. Roosevelt Park Coalition partnered with Green Map  during the UN Climate Summit to connect local and long standing grassroots community sustainable efforts with the work of the United Nation’s (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).”

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