From FABnyc and Buscada: Sustaining the Arts through Networks & Peer Learning

From FABnyc & Buscada June 2021

Peer Learning Spaces

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When FABnyc and Buscada began this project in mid-2019, we were interested in how learning spaces and peer networks help arts practitioners sustain themselves through challenging times…

The project’s conversations with community arts practitioners in New York City showed us that we are not without a roadmap for facing challenges; the strength and capacity to do that lies in the networks and peer learning that the arts have been building for a long, long time”

This report explores four central needs for the future of socially-engaged art /art in community that emerged from our research with practitioners..

  • reimagine the field;
  • work cross-sector;
  • create spaces for leadership learning; and
  • sustain necessary networks in times of crisis.

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