Citizens Committee for New York City and Temple Emanu-El in Sara Roosevelt Park for volunteer day

With hard work, skills and resources (including a lunch from Katz’s Deli!) Temple Emanu-El volunteers showed up in force today. Citizens Committee for New York City with Lori and Emily provided strong hands and organizing skills.

Teens and parents worked along the sides of the park and in Elizabeth Hubbard Garden and M’Finda Kalunga Garden as well as in The BRC Senior Garden Patio. The young women and women’s group worked with Lori on the patio. They built three enormous garden tables and repotted the plantings! The young men went Tom (new volunteer and friend of Laura and Kevin) installed the hose stanchion, dug a trench for the new hose line and worked on tree pits. And a large group painted almost every bench in the garden (all in sore need of paint)! One group worked up front lining and widening the pathways in Elizabeth Hubbard and planting bulbs for the spring! The garden was swept and cleared areas of debris.

It was a good day. One family has pledged to help Bob Humber (Coordinator of Elizabeth Hubbard) maintain and continue to build that garden.

Bob, K, Chris, Kate, Carol, Lauren, Kevin, Tom, and Joe were the gardeners (and friends of gardeners) who helped out supervising and working.

Thanks to all. Enjoy the pictures!

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