Petition to Support 2013 Parks Platform

New Yorkers for Parks has developed a 2013 Parks Platform, based on the input received at a April 11thTown Hall Forum The platform’s 10 points (listed below in bullet form and attached as a longer policy document) are a set of recommendations aimed at ensuring that our city’s scarce public open spaces are preserved, well-maintained, and enhanced in all New York City neighborhoods. They are beginning a citywide campaign to publicize the platform and ask candidates to embrace it. Over the summer, they will hold meetings in each borough to discuss advocacy of the platform, and in mid-August, will hold a citywide rally with hundreds of parks advocates, both individuals and organizations, providing evidence of how important parks are to the voting public.

Please show your ongoing support for NYC parks by signing on as an endorser of the 2013 Parks Platform. When signing, please name a park that you use and care about. The goal is to have representation from a park in every NYC neighborhood. Sign the petition at

Please also help to spread the word by sending this request to others you know and groups you are involved with. Feel free to contact them with requests for additional information at or 212-838-9410.

Let’s make sure the candidates know how much New York City voters value their parks! 


We call upon the next Mayor and Administration to:


1) The Parks Department should have its own discretionary capital budget.

2) The Parks Department’s maintenance budget should be increased, and funding for core functions should be baselined – meaning automatically renewed – in its annual expense budget.

3) The Parks Department provides an essential city service and should be staffed accordingly.


4) The Parks Department should know the cost to maintain every City park, as well as the amount of public and private funding that supports each.

5) The Parks Department should adopt the best practices of other capital projects agencies to improve its own process.

6) Organizations in public-private partnerships with the Parks Department should report annual revenues, expenses and other critical financial information in a simple, consistent manner to be shared on the Department’s website.


7) Parkland alienation should not occur unless no other land is available to serve an essential public need.

8)  State and local laws regulating parkland alienation should be strengthened to require earlier and broader notificationof alienation actions, and to mandate acre-for-acre replacement of lost parkland.


9) Parks are part of a broad network of public spaces, and City agencies should collaborate to maximize neighborhood open space and citywide environmental benefits.

10) The City should be more proactive in involving neighborhood residents in their parks, both as volunteer stewards and in planning for the future.

Click to download pdf document of the platform

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It’s My Park Day

Poet Laureate and conservationist W.S. Merwin:

“On the last day of the world I would want to plant a tree…”

Thank you to all who helped us make IMPD this Spring wonderfully successful!

Sweeping, trash removal, planting, weeding, pruning, zumba-ing, drumming, bike-repairing, green map giving, petition signing, suggestions for park building-ing, eating (at MKGarden-ing), translating, oral history telling, tenant organizing, tree planting and neighboring…

We especially thank all the young people and their teachers who came to help out!!! Thanks also to Kirsty Bambridge and Indio Torres of Partnership for Parks and Parks for the prompt delivery of supplies for our 40 plus volunteers today.

Thanks to Zack of Times Up! for bike repair expertise, Olivier (and Green System map give aways!), Dylan House of Hester Street for the oral history collecting (Jim Pender and Bob are now history!) Gardeners (Diana, Bud, Kevin, Dick) and Farmer Ted and the CSA for feeding us!, University Settlement and the Chinatown Y for our Zumba teacher, our Drum circle (wonderful!) and tenants information. We had petition drives, etc etc.etc.!!

And of course Peter Gee and Jin Xiu and Kayan of AAFE and for being in the center of our lovely chaos!

We are so proud of our Park and all our volunteers.

Here are some photos taken by Kayan Chiu of Asian American’s for Equality (AAFE) of the Coalition’s activities during It’s My Park Day.

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Sara D Sustainability Series

Extend your green network and learn sustainability skills at the
Sara D Sustainability Series!

Two Lower East Side-based Nonprofits – Time’s Up! and Green Map System –  have teamed up with M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden to present this series of free workshops and practical training for community sustainability.
Join us in this rare outdoor public space to learn about

Carbon-Free Mobility! Green Jobs! Waste Reduction! Much More!

The workshops will take place each Friday in August from 6:30-8:30pm
at Sara Roosevelt Park’s M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden.

Learn green collar job skills, share your ideas with others,
and taking an active role in making our city more livable!

Note: Workshops will be postponed for heavy rain.
All ages welcome.

Free Workshop Schedule Fridays, 6:30-8:30PM:

  • 8/10 – Bike Repair & Safety
  • 8/17 – Green Jobs in our Community & Intro to Tools
  • 8/24 – Composting, Bokashi & Mud Ball Making
  • 8/31 – Bike Repair & Safety

M’Finda Kalunga Community Garden, in Sara D. Roosevelt Park

Rivington Street (between Chrystie and Forsyth Streets).

By subway, take the J to Bowery or the F to 2nd Avenue.

Printable poster

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New funding for the park

We were thrilled to hear about funding for SDR park from Council Member Margaret Chin’s office. It makes an enormous difference to have that kind of infusion in a park that serves so many residents and visitors in the densely packed Lower East Side. Especially since it is earmarked for the Stanton Street Park’s building.

We are gathering resources, help and commitments to help turn this storage space into a viable space for much needed teen/tween programming for the local community. All parties seem to be eager to work out any difficulties in making it happen!

This area serves four high schools, Housing sponsored by the NY Society for the Deaf, the Rafael Hernandez NYCHA building, Section 8 housing on 10 Stanton Street, Avalon Bay, the soccer field on Stanton and a rehabilitation facility on Chrystie Street.

We thank our Council Member for keeping this area in her sights.

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