Yet More Buses on Chrystie Near Canal/Hester

Added to the 70 per hour anticipated buses coming in during the L Train Shutdown.

Delancey Street corridor.

More particulates, more pollution across from 3 schools and a heavily used field.

From Community Board 3 vote sheet:

A new Bus Stop Application: “Super Bus Inc”, 51 Chrystie St

VOTE:    TITLE: Approve a Curbside Bus Stop for Super Bus Company @ 51 Chrystie St.

                WHEREAS, Super Bus, Inc. has applied for a designated bus stop for curb-side loading/unloading operations located at 51 Chrystie St, on the west side of the street between Canal St and Hester St. The buses will operate under the Super Bus brand name, providing service between New York and Monticello, NY with 5 arrivals/5 departures daily between the hours of 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. Super Bus would be approved for only one bus at a time loading/unloading; and


                WHEREAS, The bus stop is an existing 75 ft bus stop in front of 49-53 Chrystie St that would be shared with Tribal Sun Bus. That company was represented at the meeting and reported that they currently operate 14 arrivals/14 departures daily at the location, so adding a permit for Super Bus at this location would bring the total to 19 arrivals/19 departures daily; and


                WHEREAS, The bus stop is immediately adjacent to a truck loading zone at 45-47 Chrystie St designated from 8am to 7pm, Mon-Sat, which is used by existing businesses that require loading and unloading. CB 3 resolutions passed in April 2013, September 2013 and June 2017 explained serious concern about designating a 100-foot long bus stop, because it eliminated a truck loading zone from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday to Saturday, on a block that has existing businesses that require loading and unloading. In 2013, three of these businesses appeared at a CB 3 meeting to present their concerns; and


                WHEREAS, Although Super Bus, Inc. had indicated on its CB3 application that a storefront at 47 Chrystie St will be provided for the use of customers, so they may wait to board their bus and use the restroom facilities, that is not actually true. It is important that a bus company of this size – operating 10 of the 38 total arrivals and departures daily – provide a storefront with restroom for its customers. Otherwise, crowds of passengers will inevitably cause sanitation, nuisance and safety issues; and


                WHEREAS, Super Bus, Inc. has agreed to return to the November 2013 committee meeting and will try to rent a storefront before then; now


                THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that CB3-Manhattan requests that DOT extend the CB3 comment period for this Super Bus application by 30 days.


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