Washington Square Park Trees - Help with Drainage or Tree Disaster?

From Washington Square Park Blog:

“’Making of a Tree Disaster” –  NYC-based certified Arborist Carsten Glaeser

” the trees at Washington Square Park are in danger amidst the currently ongoing “lawn restoration” project.

Washington Square Park Blog reached out to the NYC Parks Department press office for clarification on questions raised after Part I of this series. The agency responded, “The work being done is to improve drainage in the northwest quadrant of the Washington Square Park lawn with new irrigation and grading that provides a more contoured landscape…

” Arborist Carsten Glaeser… told WSP Blog, “It’s not about drainage. Trees take care of drainage on their own if you provide the landscape for them to do so. And the larger the tree in size and age, the greater the tree’s capacity to bio-retain stormwater runoff and rainfall intercept – if you let them…here ..topsoil ..diminished the trees’ capacity to do what they have been genetically programmed to do and free of charge.”

Read more here.

The earth is in trouble and given the fires in Siberia and the Amazon rain forest and other parts of the world it’s an all-hands-on-deck moment in this climate crisis – NYC needs to ‘husband’ this resource and plan for more trees!

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