Student Walk-Out March 24th Demand Action on Gun Control

Emma Gonzalez, David Hogg,Cameron Kasky, Alex Wind and Jaclyn Corin teenagers who survived the school shooting massacre in Florida last week:

From ABC News Martha Raddatz:

“They are determined to use protests and political action to make the mass shooting …in Parkland, Florida, a turning point in the national debate over gun control.

Cameron Kasky, an 11th-grader:

“People keep asking us, ‘What about the Stoneman Douglas shooting is going to be different, because this has happened before and change hasn’t come? This is it.”

“People are saying that it’s not time to talk about gun control. And we can respect that.

Here’s a time. March 24th in every single city. We are going to be marching together as students begging for our lives.”

Called “March for Our Lives,” the demonstration should transcend politics, according to Kasky and four of his classmates:


“This isn’t about the GOP. This isn’t about the Democrats. This is about the adults…at this point, you’re either with us or against us.”

“Any politician on either side who is taking money from the NRA is responsible for events like this. At the end of the day, the NRA is fostering and promoting this gun culture.”

…the point is to “create a new normal where there’s a badge of shame on any politician who’s accepting money from the NRA.”


“the student activists from Parkland want to have conversations about guns with President Trump, Sen. Marco Rubio and Gov. Rick Scott”

“We want to give them the opportunity to be on the right side of this”

“The kids who need to take part in this are kids, everyday kids just like us. They are students who need to understand that this can very quickly happen to them … They need to join us, and they need to help us get our message across. All students should realize that a school shooting could happen anywhere.”

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