Shakespeare in the Parking Lot in SDR Park? At Stanton Street?

We’ve heard the “Shakespeare in the Parking Lot” Crowd are looking for a new ‘home’.

The Stanton Street Area could sure use some positive activity!

Parks Department is saying one night only. Really? Do we have a better offer??



Shakespeare in the Parking Lot’s ‘Track Record’: 

– on  the  Lower  East  Side  fro  23 years, this will be their 24th year.

– offered Shakespeare for FREE for 23 years on the Lower East Side (Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays from early July to mid August)

– a 501(c) 3 organization

– received grants from both NYSCA and DCA 

– the idea is offer the production FREE of charge to the  Lower  East  Side.

– July 12-28 are  the  dates  our  current  cast of  HAMLET was scheduled to perform.

– from approximately  6pm -10pm. 

– able  team  of  interns  working  with the company through the DOE’s Work Based Learning (WBL) program. Their 15th year in the WBL program.

Employing our youth!



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