Scientists on Plankton and Oceans

From Mother Jones:

MAY 26, 2019

Plankton tells us a lot about what went wrong [in the past].
Oraminifera from South China Sea under a microscope.Xinhua/Zhang Jiansong/Getty

Originally published by Wired and is shared as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. 

“Plankton… tiny organisms (phytoplankton…plant-like cells that produce much of the world’s oxygen, zooplankton being little animals) float around at the mercy of currents and form the very foundation of the ocean food web. …whales…eat krill, which eat…plankton…Phytoplankton soak up CO2 and spit out oxygen, helping keep the planet a pleasant human habitat…Life on Earth shares its fate with the littlest organisms in the sea.”

“But plankton don’t do well in warmer waters, which carry fewer nutrients. One study has shown that phytoplankton alone have declined by 40 percent since 1950…”

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