Reconstructing the Comfort Station in Building

The neighborhood is looking forward to the move-out of the storage [we store materials for the entire borough of Manhattan] and the reclamation of this building for its original community purposes and to create that beehive of activity which would provide the real safety of this area of this Park neighborhood.

And to reclaim park space for park purposes with the removal of truck and car parking and traffic here.


For this and this and this!! – Representing what this neighborhood has asked for (the larger the word the more requested)


From NYC Parks Department website:

This project will reconstruct a comfort station in Building A in Sara D Roosevelt Park.

Or the Stanton ParkHouse!

Project Update: This project is in active construction.

Project Timeline


Start Date: July 2016
Projected Completion Date: October 2017
Completion Date: November 2017


Start Date: November 2017
Projected Completion Date: August 2018
Completion Date: December 2018


Start Date: January 2019
Projected Completion Date: January 2020

Understand how we build parks.


Total Funding: $1,557,000
Funding Sources:

  • Mayoral
  • Borough President
  • City Council





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