New Yorkers 4 Parks: A Public Realm Bill of Rights

From New Yorkers for Parks:

Monday, April 17th for NY4P x NYC 

6:30 – 8:30 pm

All those who want to be involved/support public parks are welcome!

“It’s a challenging time for New York City, and the decisions made today will shape the city for decades to come.

Will New York have enough parks and green space to ensure that the 8.5 million people who live here are healthy and happy?

Will our open spaces serve the needs of the communities that depend on them?

How do we guarantee that the citizens of New York have a say in what happens?

Unveiling their Public Realm Bill of Rights. Give input on what our city must do to ensure that all New Yorkers enjoy those rights. 

This will help shape our election year campaign – tell us what your communities need, and we’ll make sure City Hall gets the message. 

We can’t speak up for the people of New York without your voice. RSVP today

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