New Liquor License Requested 100 Forsyth Street

Community Board 3 Calendar: (check the calendar for updates from venue and for withdrawals before you head out)
SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, September 18 at 6:30pm — Public Hotel, 17th Floor, Sophia Room – 215 Chrystie Street (btwn Houston & Stanton Streets)

New Liquor License Applications on the agenda:

# 20.    100 Forsyth Restaurant LLC, 100 Forsyth St (op)

Please Note:  Applicants must submit withdrawals and residents must submit materials and agreements by Friday before meeting at noon.
To contact the CB3 office to submit materials:
Phone: 212-533-5300
  • The SDR Coalition is listed on the CB3 site as an organization to contact in reaching out to the neighborhood. We’ve heard nothing from this owner.
  • In general, unless there is a very real community benefit (beyond that you are serving a special cuisine that is nowhere else in the neighborhood?) but a real benefit (like Dixon Place, a decades old arts space that shows new talent) we tend to oppose licenses especially for venues on the park itself (one of our quality of life goals).
  • We are struggling with homelessness, poverty and lack of real resources in this community – becoming an attraction for drinking? Not so useful here.
  • Beyond just the park, the neighborhood is being inundated with bars. Once a license is installed on a location – it stays forever. Requiring the neighborhood to police it for any infractions forever.

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