Make our homes Sanctuary Homes

From Sanctuary Homes:

Organize where we live!


Living our politics begins at home. For those of us who are employers of domestic workers—among the people who have been and will be most targeted in this political moment—one big thing we can do is support the women, people of color, and/or immigrants who work in our homes.

For those of us who aren’t employers or care consumers, our homes can still serve as a center of moral action, transforming where we live into a foundation for building the world as we believe it should be.

Together, our homes can be an important frontline in opposing and resisting the policies of the administration and 115th Congress.


At the heart of #SanctuaryHomes are 5 steps … [to] take to answer the call to create sanctuary by ensuring the dignity and integrity of every individual is respected and preserved.

They include ways to:

  1. Be visible and vocal in your daily life, from posting a sign to offering concrete support.
  2. Educate and prepare yourself to provide timely practical and legal support
  3. Organize and invite your people in to support targeted communities
  4. Connect your groups to trainings, actions and community defense efforts.
  5. Maintain a fair home and caring workplace. 


We ask you to do your best to make your home a Sanctuary Home. Sign the #SanctuaryHomes commitment and let us know how you’ll bring sanctuary to your home and community.

Text HOMES to 877-877 to receive action alerts from the #HereToStay campaign.



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