Keeping Up with the Trash: New Forsyth Conservancy/Audubon/Betty Hubbard Gardens & Stanton/Houston/Forsyth Areas & (Of Course!) Cars in the Park

New Forsyth Gardens:

First, thanks to intrepid Tenement Museum Staffers and all our volunteers and Park’s staff who try to keep up with the mess!


In Forsyth Conservancy Gardens:

Garbage cans needed.

Garbage removal needed.

Disinfectant needed.

Brighter lighting needed in the Evening needed.

Removal of crumbling low walls needed.

Open the Broome Street Restrooms Again.


Audubon and Betty Hubbard and Stanton/Houston/Forsyth:

Trash Removal needed



Trash alongside Forsyth at Houston

Trash Removal Needed:


Cars and Trucks in the Park at Stanton: (Not even Parks cars/trucks!)

Remove them!

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