Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Residents on Forsyth Street Live Two Weeks Without Heat and Hot Water


“The manager of the Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Building dropped off space heaters for residents on Tuesday, but when families plugged them in, the electricity went out.

Residents say the water has been cold since Jan. 9 — almost two weeks. That’s when the heat went out too.

“Horrible, it’s just very bad, it’s just something you would not want to experience,” resident Francesca Piper said. “It’s to a point where you have a mental breakdown, you can’t function right.”

Most of the tenants in the building are deaf.

Neighbors stood outside Tuesday night, signing with each other, to discuss how even mundane tasks like showering have become impossible.”


Council Member Chin (from Twitter): “We’ve been working with residents of 174 & 184 Forsyth get back heat and hot water. Not only has the management company been dragging its feet on this, we’ve had to call them out to provide special fire alarms for the buildings’ majority deaf residents”

“One resident said her smoke alarms didn’t work even after putting out a kitchen fire. For a child to say, “We’re getting used to it since it’s been so long” shows how people with disabilities are treated as an afterthought. Building ownership’s neglect is life-threatening.”

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