Green Map System Brings Nordea Fonden to SDR Park

Their exploration of the Lower East Side included our Sara Roosevelt Park, its gardens and parkhouses. They were guided by Wendy Brawer, ED of GreenMap (who has made numerous visits to Denmark).

The visitors were curious to learn how the many different ‘walks of life’ live side by side around this park (Denmark is experiencing recent immigration that have diversified their previously more homogenous society. Its citizens are looking for ways to make a successful welcome). They have expertise in advocacy for resilience and community building.

All of our Community garden’s efforts – even in the midst of all the difficulties here – were of special interest.

They noted the local real estate pressures including the fight for Rivington House and the successful outcome of a data-base of community deeded properties (along with the parallel efforts to fight for Rivington House and all nursing homes and their occupants). They also noted with interest the communities successful fight for Essex Crossing’s 50% affordable housing!

Green Map System  is a Stanton Building Task Force partner. Green Map advises and educates communities globally on intelligent responses to climate change and environmental sustainability. They help communities “map” their own neighborhoods which in turn builds internal resources and a sense of ownership by those communities.

We thank the Nordea Fonden and Green Map for their visit!


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