Garden Poem


Slowly the quilt grows. 

We bring our sacred intentions

Toward a better here and now

For our children, our neighbors, our friends and ourselves;

Peony roots from a mother’s garden, a child’s sculpture

A great band, a real-live chicken

Sometimes just flowers.

We bring ferns from the mountains, coffee from the corner

The family turtle, a perfect rose, the Daily News.

We bring our children here, sacred, raucous, irreverent, destructive;

But also our most  committed stewards;

We bring our friends and their friends, a cousin from New Zealand, from Israel, from Cincinnati; 3 guys from up the block with broad smiles and broader shoulders;

We bring more hot dogs, more daffodils, more visitors more might-come-in-handy

than anyone could ever eat, plant, talk to or use, and yet we do

And the quilt grows.


– Kate Fitzgerald (M’Finda Kalunga Community Gardener)


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