From Gotham Gazette: Is It Legal to Jump Into a Fountain In a NYC Park?


Gotham Gazette:Whimsical Fact: It’s Legal To Jump In NYC Fountains To Cool Down”

Answer (a qualified):

“Hell Yes!”

Gotham Gazette gives information and a warning:

“All of the city’s fountains (50 in total) get their water system cleaned before being turned back on for the summer…”

But that ain’t stopping the rat-pigeon pool parties that definitely happen when we aren’t looking.

“It is not against park rules to go into display fountains, though…they are not intended for swimming…the water is not treated in the way a swimming pool is. [You cannot use… it to bathe—it is against park rules to use fountains for personal hygiene or for washing clothes, belongings, or pets (there are water fountains for that!) [Ed. note: you really want to see this link].”

Oh, and not in Bryant Park.

“Bryant Park is managed by Bryant Park Corporation, and they prohibit humans in the fountain…” GG


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