DowDupont Lavishes Campaign Cash On Politicians Who Voted Against a Ban on its Blockbuster Pesticide

From Mother Jones MAY 24, 2019

“Chlorpyrifos has been linked to brain damage in kids.”

“In March 2017, at the dawn of the Trump administration, then-Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt was forced by a court order to decide whether to honor his agency’s own plan to ban a pesticide called chlorpyrifos. Made by DowDupont, chlorpyrifos is a blockbuster insecticide used on a variety of crops, from corn and soybeans to grapes and tree nuts. The EPA’s own scientists had deemed the chemical a danger to kids’ brain development at very low exposure levels. Even so, Pruitt decided to keep the chemical on the market.

Since then, the fight over chlorpyrifos has moved to Congress. A House bill that would ban the chemical, introduced in January, drew 107 sponsors. The money-in-politics watchdog Maplight recently released data on DowDupont’s campaign contributions since Pruitt’s decision. Turns out, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission, among the the 330 House members who chose not to sponsor the bill to ban the insecticide, 118 had raked in a total of $379,651 from Dow since 2017. Of the bill’s 107 sponsors, just 10 had received money from the company, for a total of $14,000…”

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