Cuomo Ban on Plastic Bags: Follow NYC Lead Here. We Had a Better Solution

From NY Daily News:

“…There are two ways to do this intelligently: By banning plastic bags and putting a fee on paper, or by putting a fee on all disposable bags. Cuomo is pressing ahead with a third way, that’s likelier to produce negative side effects…

“…the Cuomo-ordered task force came back with its report in January. It says that plastic bag bans — exactly what Cuomo now proposes — backfired in San Jose, Chicago and Honolulu, as merchants just switched to using slightly heavier “reusable” plastics or relied more on paper bags“…

…Marcia Bystryn, president of the New York League of Conservation Voters, dissented from the task force report because it neither backed a universal fee like the city tried or combined a thin-plastic-bag ban with a fee on other bags, like California has now sensibly adopted.”

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