Community Board Applications Deadline Extended to February 25th!

For all of you who voted for term limits – here’s your chance to serve!

Applications for the 2019-2021 class of Manhattan Community Board Members are now available! Click here to complete the application online.

Applicants are strongly urged to apply through the online form, but a printable PDF file is also available here for those who wish to mail in their application or drop off a physical copy at the Borough President’s office.

Applications are due February 8, 2019.

View the complete list of current Community Board members.

About Manhattan Community Boards

Manhattan’s 12 community boards are local organizations each composed of 50 volunteer members serving staggered two-year terms.  Community boards are tasked with being the independent and representative voices of their communities—the most grass-roots form of local government. The boards are pivotal in shaping their communities and work to enhance and preserve the character of the city’s many unique neighborhoods.

Each community board has a budget, a district manager and staff, and has three distinct responsibilities:

  • Monitoring the delivery of city services such as sanitation and street maintenance;
  • Planning and reviewing land use applications including zoning changes; and
  • Making recommendations for each year’s city budget.

Community boards consider a wide range of issues, including distribution of liquor licenses, consideration of sidewalk café applications, and permits for street fairs and other outdoor events. They may also weigh in issues before the Landmarks Preservation Commission, the Board of Standards and Appeals (the city agency dedicated to land-use and zoning regulation), and provide input on proposals from city agencies.

Members are officially appointed by the Manhattan Borough President. Half of the members of these boards are selected unilaterally by the Borough President, and half with the nomination of the City Council Members who represent the district. The Borough President must ensure adequate representation from different geographic neighborhoods in the district and must consider whether each community’s constituencies are represented. For more details please go to the website!!

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