Climate Regeneration – Born 30 Years Ago (and local reporting from Lincoln Anderson is back)

From Village Sun article -Travis Price, third from right, and neighborhood residents who worked on installing the building’s solar panels. (Courtesy Travis Price)

“Remembering E. 11th St. green-power pioneers”

BY LINCOLN ANDERSON | Alarm over climate change is the story of the day.
Yet it wasn’t until the late 1980s that the U.S. media started warming up to the issue of global warming. And it was only a few years before that, in 1977, that President Jimmy Carter first warned of a looming energy shortage, urging it was time to look to “permanent renewable energy sources, like solar power.”
Meanwhile, on the Lower East Side — as the East Village was then still known — a group of environmental pioneers was doing just that. Their project began as a gut-rehab of an abandoned 1910 tenement at 519 E. 11th St., between Avenues A and B. By the time the work concluded, the building also sported two cutting-edge forms of renewable energy on its rooftop — a wind generator, plus solar panels…”
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