Brad Landers Op-Ed: On the NYC Plastic Bag Law That Was


From Brad Landers City & State website:

“Every month, NYC residents send 750 million plastic bags to landfills, which is more than 7,500 tons of solid waste….

Plastic bags aren’t just needless solid waste. They are made from petroleum. They litter our trees and parks, clog our storm drains and recycling equipment, and foul our oceans and beaches.

In 2016, with NYC Councilwoman Margaret Chin, I led the effort in the New York City Council to do something about plastic bag waste. Our Bring Your Own Bag Law, which was passed by the City Council in May 2016, would have placed a 5-cent fee on all carryout bags. In cities, states and countries around the world, bag fees have reduced plastic bag waste by 50 to 90%. It would have worked here.

Unfortunately, [GovernorCuomo, state Sen. Simcha Felder and the state Legislature killed the city’s plastic bag law before it went into effect…”

Read more here.

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